I died

Okay, I DIDN’T die, but Gift crashed and died on me today. Relentlessflame had the same problem, but I was kind of hoping that it wouldn’t happen to me. Unfortunately, it did, and I’m returning the iTouch to my friend tomorrow (I guess I’m just not destined to play this game). Anyway, this is unfortunate, because the drama just started, and the story’s quite interesting (I laughed really, really hard when the main character dressed up as a girl and almost won a beauty contest). Anyway, I might try to finish this game if I ever get the chance, but it’s sengoku rance for now (Kana little sister if I can’t get past the battles, and Memories off 2nd if I finish Kana, then Scarlett, 12Riven, and other stuff).

So…yeah, don’t expect a post from me until I get through my backlog of games, ciao~

7 thoughts on “I died

  1. Ah yeah… so it wasn’t just me after all. :/ I did submit a bug report, so hopefully they fix it eventually… I’ll let you know if they do. That being said, the whole game itself has a lot of less-critical script issues, not to mention the whole translation thing… so really, this doesn’t surprise me all that much. It was clearly rushed out the door without much thought. And yeah… it’s too bad, because this is just when the story is starting to get interesting too… (And yeah… he actually did win that “miss-con”, but disappeared before he was forced to do the confession… ^^; )

    • Yeah, that victory was awesome, I’m drawing that.

      The scrips really got worse as it went on, didn’t it? During the bonfire scene there was no background and there were 2 Maki sprites on the screen…

      And I fully enjoyed stories like Toheart2 and D.C.II, so this is really too bad…

  2. … So many years ago.
    But you can make me feel
    Like it isn’t so.
    And why you come to be with me,
    I think I finally know

    You’re scared,
    Ashamed of what you feel.
    And you can’t tell the ones you love,
    You know they couldn’t deal.
    Whisper in a dead man’s ear,
    It doesn’t make it real.
    That’s great.

    But I don’t wanna play,
    ‘Cause being with you touches me
    More than I can say.
    And since I’m only dead to you,
    I’m saying stay away…
    And let me rest in peace

    Let me rest in peace.
    Let me get some sleep.
    Let me take my love and bury it
    In a hole 6-foot deep.
    I can lay my body down
    But I can’t find my, sweet release…
    So let me rest in peace

    You know,
    You got a willing slave.
    And you just love to play the thought
    That you might misbehave.
    But till you do,
    I’m telling you
    Stop visiting my grave…
    And let me rest in peace.

    I know, I should go,
    But I follow you like a man possessed.
    There’s a traitor here beneath my breast,
    And it hurts me more than you’ve ever guessed.
    If my heart could beat, it would break my chest.
    But I can see you’re unimpressed,
    So leave me be…

    And let me rest in peace.
    Let me get some sleep.
    Let me take my love and bury it,
    In a hole 6-foot deep.
    I can lay my body down
    But I can’t find my sweet release…
    Let me rest in peace.
    Why won’t you
    Let me rest in peace?

    … What? It’s your fault for that title. >_>

  3. So, almost two months later now, but there’s finally an update! We’ll see if Riko’s path works again… I had pretty much written it off entirely, but I guess there was still reason for hope! ^^;

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