Akamatsu Ken is parodying touhou?

I see no other explination for what I’m seeing here…

And that stuff about re-write? I feel like I’m being spoiled of the plot of rewrite or something…


4 thoughts on “Akamatsu Ken is parodying touhou?

  1. Speaking of Rewrite, there haven’t been much updates huh? As to the progress of the game?

    My explanation?

    Ryukishi07 and Romeo are having an argument because their time loops are conflicting with each other

    • My explanation is that their conflicting time loops within the various dimensions caused string theory to become warped, now the two of them are invisible threads of energy all around us. They can’t untangle themselves long enough to make us realize that the world we live in is one actually a black hole’s dream, and they also can’t untangle themselves long enough to start typing away at the plot…

      OR, maybe they are trying to figure out why the cake is a lie…

      OR, they are STILL trying to finish the other key games before finishing the plot

      OR, they cried so hard while playing that they are now both in hospitals

      OR, rewrite never happened, everyone from KEY is dead and what we’ve been seeing is all a conspiracy constructed by Itaru Hinoue to make us BELIEVE that the world isn’t ending when it is

      I should stop myself, I always go for too long when ranting away at conspiracy theories.

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