The odd thing about Scarlett…

The protagonist is voiced, but it doesn’t play his voice. You see, when I go through the game, I can’t hear Akito, but when I go into the history logs, I can play his voice for every spoken line. How very odd.Thankfully his voice is the only one with the problem.

Voiced or not, Scarlett is turning out to be pretty interesting, even though I’m really not into espionage and stuff like that. Also, the story isn’t what I expected from the guy who churned out 2 Narcissu stories, but it has that nice and refreshing feeling. The music really complements the mood, with lots of acustic guitar and piano. However, the art is quite inconsistent (like showing a girl sleeping with a jacket and waking up without one, or using basically the same CG for a young girl at present time and 8 years ago, etc etc). Ah, this is turning too review-ish, isn’t it? Anyway, the overall mood is like walking your dog when it just got a little bit cold in early fall, and I’m enjoying the title so far.

She loves her traps

…Yes, I’m seeing a definite streak in Arina Tanemura’s manga right now.

Anyway, I feel kind of sad right now, to think that I would actually read an Arina Tanemura manga where I didn’t like the clothes and couldn’t squeal at the cutesy relationships…… At least the story’s still awesome. I’m greately interested in the back story of Enju’s companions (especially Rurijou, of course). MY first theory is that they’re clones of the dead, and my second theory is that they’re clones of the living, my third theory is that everyone has twins. I don’t have a fourth theory yet, but I’m getting there.

P.S.: How come every single 14 years old girl I’ve been reading about has figures like this? That’s just not right.

Gotta love Chinese humor

You see a CG…You see a CG…You see a CG…You see a CG…You see a CG…

Anyway, even though I only have the trial, 鸑鷟 is turning out to be really fun (and quite mysterious too). The main character’s best friend is more awesome than Sunohara, and you know that’s not something you see everyday. The music is nice, the programming is decent (they’re using Kirikiri), the jokes are funny (“How the world is producing girlier men and savager women is making me fall into despair!”, said the best friend, right before the students in the class clubbed him half to death while the main character contemplates his younger sister’s relationship with peppers. This was after the best friend started wailing at how the guy’s sister always makes him lunch, while his own family is like Mis*to Katsuragi reincarnated).

And, as you can see, the actual game art is also really nice. The full version was released 2 months ago or something, I think I’m going to go and grab it now… You can see the creator blog here. The game is less than 10 bucks if you change it into the dollar, though, of course, it’s in Chinese(from the screen shots, I can tell than the final product is a LOT more polished than what I’ve been seeing). Hmm…I wonder if they’ll let me translate this thing into English…

P.S.: I got into a bad end and had a cat telling me to respect the gods of saifu luode (save/load). Not as awesome as tiger dojo, but awesome nevertheless.

You can’t beat a good tune.

So I blame DB for posting a link to the Infinite Ryvius OP on FB. Because it got me thinking about all the anime related music I like.

Of course there are too many to post them all, but for nostalgia’s sake I took a look through my Itunes folder and happily discovered that yes I did have some Animetal in there. I did a search on youtube and to my delight found that they did a cover of the Macross OP. Continue reading