A week until Higurashi comes! Nipaa~

Yup, Mangagamers has announced that the question arcs of Higurashi will be released on December 15th, which will be a week from now for most of you. It will be priced at 36.95 euros (which I suppose is a pretty reasonable price), and with it will be a brand new all-ages section for Mangagamer (which hopefully will NOT go down the path of Hirameki International, purposely censoring games so that they can be for all ages). Of course, Bernkastel-sama is really happy, even though she’s being a bit tsundere about it. I will be cheering MG and watching from the sidelines, eagerly awaiting the release of the answer arcs (since it  has already been released in Chinese). Although I have to say that this is a bit late, and when you’ve read the manga and watched the anime I feel like there’s less motivation to actually read through the thing.

Anyway, I’m more excited about the higurashi  release than Soul Link, the other upcoming release from MG which was censored because of “underage” stuff again. I personally don’t think that that game was Suzuhira Hiro’s best work, so a few missing CGs don’t bother me. But hey, I probably won’t be playing it anyway. Let’s just say that I haven’t exactly heard raving reviews about the game, although one guy on erogamescape DID compare it to Ever17 in space with h-scenes, though he ended up giving it only 57 points, and there were a few others there who said the art’s the only good thing about it.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Click here for the Mangagamer site.


One thought on “A week until Higurashi comes! Nipaa~

  1. Doubt MangaGamers will (go Hirameki), as they seem only intent on censoring games when it might get them into legal issues, which is very much legit IMO.

    I chatted with their employees/representatives for quite a while at Otakon, and one thing I definitely felt about them was that they were certainly not afraid to show what the full side of Visual Novels (actually, they were really obvious with it, with their backwall full of postit-censored dakimakuras & all). They’re also based in the Netherlands IIRC and those people are about as brazen as it gets when adult-entertainment is involved, seeing as they love selling ‘toys’ to foreign visitors.

    Soul Link is by Navel, and insofar as I can tell Navel’s characters and storytelling is relatively generic (for the industry) and forgettable. So yeah, it’s mostly about their art.

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