AK2 triple feature: The music of demons and sunflowers (with english lyrics, of course)

Yup, it’s here, my eagerly awaited last post on my triple feature~

And this time, I’m featuring some of the music from G0senjou no maou and Sharin no kuni, Himawari no shoujo. The lyrics were translated by me, and I can’t guarantee that I got them all right, so please point out any mistakes.

Answer (G-senjou Op, by Rekka Katakiri)

Ah…sinking into the muddy trap
But the truth is still traceless
Ah…keep on searching for a reply
The answer still can’t be held

Lost in the smiles, the darkness in people’s hearts, and dreams.
Do you want to be released, no matter the main? Then right now-

Please show, everything that you wish for
Even if no one will accept it
Just what is making you searching so desperately in this dark night?
I only hope that you are still you, and I am still me.

Ah…entangled in messy logic
but still maintaining disobedience to reality
Ah…continuously searching for light
but not knowing how to hold it close.

From the smile was extracted, the moment to receive destiny, and intoxicating love
Do you want to take the weight, no matter the pain? Then right now-

I Wish to show, everything that I’m wishing for in my heart.
Even if for it, I’m pressured to the point that I can’t breathe.
Just what is making you choosing so painfully in this dark night?
I only hope that you are still you, and I am still me.

I’m definitely going to become the power to face ahead
I’ll take complete control of the truth.
Become darkness, into darkness, find the reason for it all.
Simply so that you can still be you, and I can still be me.

What can I say? It’s awesome, and I fell in love with it the second I heard it. Rekka Katakiri doesn’t do many fast songs, but I really, REALLY hope that she will do more like Answer.

紅空恋歌 (Sharin OP, by Rekka Katakiri)

Only the short version, because I can’t find Chinese lyrics to the full version…sob…

With the breath of summer,
Standing still at the end of the setting sun.
I let my longing run free

In the world empty of people, there was that sole survivor
Is there going to be anyone who will still laugh at her sin?

The sunflowers were silent, they would not answer.

The tears that flowed down those reddened cheeks weren’t wiped away
Keep on singing.

Even if you right hand, unable to touch, could only wander in the wind for eternity without rest.
Definitely, that is only for you.
This entire life is only here for you.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that the vocals to this song were that good, but the lyrics are really great, and that sigh at the end…sigh…

雪の羽 時の風 (G-senjou ed, by Barbarian on the Groove feat. Chata)

The flying feathery snow, quietly, was held to my chest
The capricious wind of time, until the heart of yesterday, was searching

The sobs that were echoing around that sky was so touching
Steadily wiping away the mistakes
Keep on standing all alone

Letting tears fall without reason
Just like that, even the tears didn’t notice
Watching from far away
Feeling, forever.

Everyone will be lost because of a dream, to make them hurt.
Even so, we must still step forward
If you want to search for tomorrow
Don’t regret, don’t fear
Inside your heart, whisper
As if you are to caress this chest.

The slowing fading memories of that time, impossible to cut away
Will take that love for those lost things
And bring them here again

Crossing over you and me
Between us, the deep valley in our chests
It’s also impossible
But I don’t forget that starry sky that I watched with you.

Lonely travelers, everyone’s called that
Just one person, continuing forward.
Even so, want to believe
Right now too, in the wind, still changing hearts that are lost.
Some time, it must be retrievable
Hope that this wish will be granted.
To the lost things, to the faded things
Telling the eternal peace.

Everyone will be lost because of a dream, to make them hurt.
Even so, we must still step forward
If you want to search for tomorrow
Don’t regret, don’t fear
Inside your heart, whisper
As if you are to caress this chest.

Still remembering that dream I saw with you.
Definitely, one day, it will overlap.
There’s only one, a dream that two people say
Definitely, one day, it will resonate.

I love every second after the 5 minute mark, though the stuff before that was interesting too. This song is really nice, especially since it plays after one of the cutest kisses ever~ (sorry, but that’s not much of a spoiler, so it’s okay, right?)

Close your eyes (G-senjou insert, By Ayane)

If snow melts, it will flow into a river and eventually return into the sea.
Soon, this season will change, and sunlight will slowly appear
The two of us, both hands opened, had a dream, and continued the long, long journey.
If my eyes are closed, then I can feel, if I could touch those days with my hands
Then it’d fine even if I throw everything away…

Give the flowers the wind, give the earth the rain, give me the love, and the smile
The powdered snow, slowly, floated to the you of that time
Not touching the fact that you’re hurt, even now, stopping here.
Confusing, the meaning of tears, everything, just when, from here, CAN YOU FORGET

After falling down, continue living is the closest path
I pretended to be delusional, you said, so that’s why I’m sad right now.
In the all white secenery, clearly, two dreams were painted.
the battle is clearly over, but somehow that lie just got bigger
The things that can’t be cut keep accumulating…

Give the air songs, give the window the stars, give you the dream, and love
This wide, wide earth, just a bit dark, noly continues endlessly.
Icy snowflakes, falling on the face, this secenry just keeps repeating.
Following your true self, the strength needed to live on, just where can we…


I LOVE this song. It’s such a nice ballad and I almost cried when this song started playing because that entire situation was so goddamned unfair (really, I wanted to strangle the writer because of what he did to them!)

Well, this brings an end to my AK2 extravaganza. I hope I’ve got you people worked up about G-senjou, or at least found some music that you liked (all of you are going to play when the full english patch is out, RIGHT?)

11 thoughts on “AK2 triple feature: The music of demons and sunflowers (with english lyrics, of course)

  1. Thank you very much for the translations! I’ve been looking for a translation for Answer, so I really appreciate it. By the way, I am incredibly excited for the full patch of G-Senjou, it may be my most anticipated translation of the moment.

    • You’re welcome~
      I’m really happy that you’re looking forward to G-senjou (though I have no idea what’s stalling them, and I don’t most of the new people anyway).

      • Yes, the stalling is rather unfortunate. I hope it will eventually get back on track, since I hear the fourth and fifth chapters are the best!

      • Oh yes. Haru’s story’s amazing.
        By the way, went to your blog, and I’d actually suggest that you go and watch the Ef anime (the story’s quite different from the Vn). I’m also looking forward to My Girlfriend is the President (can you believe that the winner of its popularity poll got 26,790,906 votes? I didn’t even think that that many people knew about the game). I didn’t like Tomoyo as much as you did (Kyou forever!), but once you get past the h-scenes Tomoyo after was good. Eden*’s really more slice of life than sci-fi, at least, that’s how I feel.

      • Thanks for checking out my blog! I didn’t know the story in ef was different from the visual novel, since I try to avoid spoilers. I might do that then, thanks.
        Did My Girlfriend is the President really get that many votes? And that’s just the winner? I assumed it wasn’t too popular of a game, I guess I was definitely wrong! Anyways, it seems pretty entertaining.
        I hear Tomoyo After is really depressing, is that true? The fact that I’m a huge Tomoyo fan would probably make the game worthwhile for me no matter what, although I saw translations of some of the h-scenes, and let’s just say they don’t fit in a Clannad game that well!
        Oops, I guess I don’t really know much about Eden*! I just got the impression it was sci-fi from the very little I’ve heard about it, as well as the opening. Would you say it’s a good slice of life?

      • The vote thing was probably from people bumping votes, but just the act of doing so shows that it’s pretty popular, I think.

        Tomoyo after IS kind of depressing, mainly because it has that Air-ish kind of open ended ending. It’s really up to you on how you can interpret it.

        I really liked Eden*, wrote a review for it here.

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