Damn you, Nakazawa!

Okay, I thought that Memories off 2 was just okay, I couldn’t really understand how this could be be same person that churned out Ever17 and Remember11. Then I went ahead and gone through the all the Souma endings, and I really want to punch the writer in the face right now.

At first,  I just thought that it was an average story, with Hotaru being annoying as hell (I wish she would just stop going overboard every time she sees her boyfriend standing next to another girl) and Megumi to be very odd (which was explained as a multiple personality disorder later on, but still odd).

Then, the 2 endings were kind of a kick in the face.

Then, the true ending was as confusing as hell.

Then, the append story stomped on my brain and poured acid over it.

Ack, I should have realized what was going on when the guy started going into detailed explanation of stuff that no average person would know (very much reminding me of the quantum mechanics explanations in R11), but that twist at the end…it’s just…Okay, let me explain.

We have a girl, Megumi. Then she was acting odd and forgetting things, so the protagonist inferred that she had multiple personality disorder, then he found out that they were twins (Megumi and Nozomi), each with their own problems. After some heartfelt confessions, one of the twins die off and out protagonist helps the other one recover, the end.Well, no, he doesn’t save either in the true ending.

It was actually out protagonist who was screwed up. He was so in love with the girl that he IMAGINED that there were two of them, because she was TOO PERFECT and he couldn’t be with her unless some bits of her died off. So he was DELUSIONAL and IMAGINED heartfelt confessions from the girls (because the real one wasn’t going to confess to him), and then killed off one of them, leaving himself in a wonderful paradise~Yayy~

Except now he realized that he was crazy, woke up from the hospital, and confessed to the girl for real, leaving the two of them to live happily ever after~Yayy~

Damn you, Nakazawa, damn you for making a story that’s so screwed up and entertaining!


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