…Manga gamer is uncensoring…

You can read the full article here, but the gist of it is that despite everything, they feel like it’s only right that the CGs for Soul Link and Higurashi be released, just like the original creators intended. Some of you may be wondering why Higurashi (an all ages game) would have any problem with censorship, but unfortunately there was one scene in the story where Satoko appears naked.

Hmm…now that I think about it, this whole thing kind of smells like a marketing ploy…

Now that this problem is solved, everyone who were complaining before can happily enjoy Higurashi, weird name, ugly font, standardized system and all  (they’re calling it Higurashi When they cry, which is a really odd choice in my opinion. Oh well, at least their font is ACTUALLY readable now). In fact, a few of you might be able to get it for free, through contests at ANN and the Sankaku complex (those are the only 2 that I know, there may be more).

Check up on the Mangagamer blog (it uses WordPress, whoot!) for more information, and buy Higurashi! (Oh, and soul link too, if it’s you kind of thing).


2 thoughts on “…Manga gamer is uncensoring…

  1. Higurashi: When they cry to my understanding was the name given to the series by Ryukishi07 himself back when the anime adaption was released here, so I am guessing they just ran with that.

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