What the hell?

“Anime girls in diapers”

…That is so…SO…I can’t even describe how weirded out I am. How on earth did “anime girls in diapers” link to THIS blog? Scratch that, who the hell searches “anime girls in diapers”? And that wasn’t just ONE time either!


19 thoughts on “What the hell?

  1. I’m willing to bet that ‘anime’ and ‘girls’ were the main referrers and ‘in diapers’ was unfortunate collateral.

    Oh, and:

    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Damn you, Nakazawa!
    * Search for “nude” and “anime” to reach our blog”

  2. That’s some interesting fetish… But hopefully the person doing the search had nothing sexual or illegal in mind.

    I wish I had interesting search engine terms like these though.

  3. I wonder if the person searching for this really expect to find ‘anime girl in diaper’ in the blogsphere? But on second thought, I’ve never been to every blog so I can’t tell 😉

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