Mah VF-25 armored is complete!

Well apart from the decals, but otherwise its good, time to start my VF-27 🙂 So this is how it began, all prettily packaged up.

HA! You thought the next pic would be of all the pieces out of the box, I meant to do that, but lost the camera for a few months. How does one lose a camera? Well in the last two months I’ve had two surgeries and one ER visit, so I blame my poor memory on the drugs.

While recovering I hadn’t felt like doing too much, blogging, building, basically anything. But hubby finally nudged me into completing this and I’m glad he did, she’s a beauty!

She packs quite a wallop in battle. I loved watching this thing kick ass while Macross Frontier was running.

Hubby just is totally in love with Skull Leader, so he’s seriously tempted to buy that version of this, though it will be put together by yours truly XD

By the time I’m done putting together Brera’s fighter I’ll be a bloody expert at these.

Oh yea and hubby got a few new additions to his cheering squad. Sheryl comes with her military outfit, but hubby prefers her without. Ranka’s bikini top comes off and while the real naughty bits are covered with stars, I still find that disturbing. Isn’t she a bit too young for playboy?

Oh and while I was taking shots, figured you all might get a kick out of seeing Saotome’s namesake. This is our Alto-kun, and he’s every bit as much a hime as our beloved Skull Squadron pilot.


6 thoughts on “Mah VF-25 armored is complete!

    • If it makes you feel better, I’m envious of your Gundams.

      I’m not allowed Gundams. Hubby says if he allowed me to start, I’d take over the house and he’s probably right.

      Its starting to get hard enough to find a spot for all the Valkyries.

  1. Very nice. I’ve been keeping my eye on those sweet, transformable VF-25s for a while. I may have to get one after Christmas. How easily does the transforming function work?

    Yeah, Gundams start to take over the place. I’ve only gotten into model building about half a year ago, but I already have five assorted high grades, a master grade, a ‘I’m not sure what’ grade mini RX-78-2, and an HG One Year War EFSF team with custom paint scheme (RGM-79 custom modified with extra parts, RGM-79G, and RX-77D.) And now I really want to do a One Year War mixed Zeon team and/or a ground-type Gundam team from 08th MS Team. And an MG GP-01. And an Aile Strike. And a Gundam Mk II. It’s like an addiction.

    • They actually transform pretty easily, at least I find them easy. Especially since you just do it in stages, Fighter –> Gerwalk –> Battroid.

      Fighter –> Gerwalk is of course stupid easy. It pretty much amounts to untuck arms and fold down the legs.

      You’ll find shots of Ozma’s fighter here in Fighter then Gerwalk, then Battroid –>

      Plus if you like that kind of thing, my other fighters and hubby’s original cheering squad –>

      Seriously you and GL are making me green with Gundam Envy.

      It is like an addiction though I’ll agree. Its just so satisfying when you finally complete it and they look so damn sweet. As opposed to the sheets of plastic they arrived as.

      I would like to get super good at them, to the extent of actually getting myself an airbrush and giving them decent paint jobs.

  2. It looks great – nice work, Sakura! 😀

    Yes, Ranka is too young! How could they put that image of her on one of the ships?!

    Yay! Kitty! 😀 He does resemble his eponym 🙂

  3. Thanks Kitsune.

    I think I finally feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things, physically and emotionally.

    So now I’m all gung ho about starting Brera’s fighter.

    I know, its a little bit disturbing!

    Haha, he totally does, our Alto-kun is quite the hime, he’s so prissy 🙂

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