Naruto Chapters 474-476 OMG!

So Naruto has a mental breakdown and really after recent events who can blame him?

Well its no wonder Naruto is a hyperventilating mess on the floor as his world comes crashing down around him. Sasuke was lost to his team long ago and Sai finally informs him of his peers decision to wipe the Uchiha off the planet. As if that wasn’t enough, feeling guilty for guilt tripping Sakura into making the choice that she has, Sai tells Naruto that she has gone after the Sharingan eyed emo prince.

Your new Hokage everybody, his hobbies include porn and well… porn!

Kakashi, being the smart one that he is thinks he’s figured out her plan. So smart in fact, he’s declared Hokage, by Yamato… So not quite sure if that counts, but he does have the backing of Gaara and Suna who pledge that they will consider him Konoha’s Hokage.
Given what went down at the summit, the other Kage’s will not accept Danzou after his actions and they need an alliance if they are to survive against Madara and they Jinchuuriki.

Naruto believes in learning by repetition.

Naruto really can’t believe that Sakura would kill someone she loves so dearly. But Sai says that Sakura has grown up, she is able to put her feelings aside and see the bigger picture. She may love Sasuke but she can’t ignore the threat he now poses to Konoha.

Something tells me this one panel alone has started a ton of Gaara/Naruto fanfiction and doujin that I never want my eyes to see…

Gaara gives Naruto his support and some advice about Sasuke before leaving and Kakashi decides to go after Sakura before she can get herself killed. He’ll be sending his nin-dogs to Konoha with all the intel they’ve gathered, so maybe we’ll get to see Pakkun YAY!

Because two eyes aren’t enough, that is some serious overkill!

Yeah this was a WTF? moment. So seems Danzou harvested himself more than one Sharingan eye. Dude even I find that off putting and see insides daily for a living!

Ahh the patented Uchiha glare. If I stare at you long enough your head will explode… maybe…

As you can imagine Sasuke is not best pleased with seeing the eyes ripped from the corpses of his family upon the man that ordered their annihilation. He asks Danzou if what he learned about Itachi was true.

I’m squishing your body, I’m squishing your body. Unfortunately his little mantra doesn’t actually work very well.

Sasuke doesn’t like Danzou’s answer, particularly when he tells him that Itachi would have been the perfect shinobi if he hadn’t have spilled his guts to his little brother.

He’s not quite dead yet!

Unfortunately for Sasuke, it seems that douchebag Danzou isn’t going to go down that easily and Susanoo was brought about for nothing. Looks like another battle of my genjutsu is better than yours…


10 thoughts on “Naruto Chapters 474-476 OMG!

  1. It was kinda obvious that Danzo wasn’t gonna go down that easily, so I’m kinda surprised that Sasuke appears so shocked. Guess plot outranks common sense in situations like this.

  2. Well I guess Kishimoto is either going with, Sasuke was too consumed by his rage to notice he was being duped.

    Or he’s just acting surprised and knew all along.

    Considering what a moron Sasuke has been of late I’m going with option one.

    But yeah, even though he squished him, it was pretty obvious the slimy one wasn’t down for the count.

    That would be too easy and when has a fight in a shounen manga like this been over and done with in one chapter?


    Also, surprised that the caption under Gaara didn’t get a comment from you, since it hints at your fave subject. 😛


    Unless you’re implying that Kakashi is old. KAKASHI IS OOOOOLLLLLLDDDD. Old old man Kakashi. He’s like a grandpa. He needs a walking stick. Hobble, hobble.

    • Its just one of the reasons I love him, since he’s capable of a lot of expression, even though half his face is covered up.

      Hmm well Kakashi is probably the smartest ninja in the village, well cept for Shika but he’s way too young.

      Plus he’s knows the most ninjitsu, being that he’s the copy ninja and all, so I guess that makes him the most qualified.

      I’d rather see him as Hokage than Danzou in any case. 🙂

    • Yeah, having read further on I think I get it a bit better now. She’s just putting her duty as a ninja above her own feelings, to spare Naruto the heartache of having to do it.

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