Haruhi movie trailer (with extra Clannad)

Yeah, yeah, I KNOW that everyone has seen this already (this is what I get for living in this time zone, by the time that I get home everything is done and over with already…)

Well, it certainly LOOKS good, and the whole bit with blood on Yuki’s glasses and Kyou on the ground looked particularly detailed (bloodthirsty, remember?). It’s a bit sad that I won’t be able to enjoy the story as much (since I already read the novels and spoiled myself), but I can’t wait for more fluffy Yuki goodness~ (yes, she’s not often fluffy, but she’s all deredere in this bit, and it’s adorable)

…It’s a bit…Clannad-ish…I guess…

7 thoughts on “Haruhi movie trailer (with extra Clannad)

  1. The art looks closer to S1 this time around!

    Question, since you already know the story. Do I need to sit through S2 enjoy the movie? I’ve seen S1, is it fine to just leap into the movie or just grab a 3 sentence summary of S2?

  2. I have not seen it yet – thanks for posting 🙂

    The movie seem to have more serious tone compared to the series based on this trailer.

    Nice song in that MAD 🙂

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