Skip Beat – You’re a sly one Tsuruga Ren!

So after Shou’s shenanigans I was hoping that Ren would kick the crap out of him. But looks like our Tsuruga is a little more sly than that and decides to play the asshat at his own game rather than confronting him.

Because the real problem is that Kyoko’s thoughts are completely filled with Shou. Even if they are thoughts of gloom and doom, anger and rage, her mind is completely consumed by Shou.

Which of course was the man’s aim. He can’t stand not being the center of her world. Twisted as it may be, even if his actions lead her to hate him further, at least in her hatred he is the only person in her mind.

Unfortunately Ren didn’t quite give her the smacker that Shou did, he just aimed for her cheek. But the action itself was enough to erase Shou completely from Kyoko’s mind. Instead she is filled with thoughts of Ren.

He’s quite happy with himself over it, but ends up having to act like it was a simple thank you, because his actions are affecting Kyoko’s work.

He wishes that a part of him still lives in her heart, even though he had to act like it was something more simple than a representation of his true feelings.
In a way he and Shou have something in common. Ren didn’t do what he did, just because it was affecting Kyoko’s ability to function.
But on some level he did it for the same reason Shou did.
Ren wants to be the center of her world. She is his, he can’t have her soul consumed by the thoughts of another guy.

He might not know it, but I don’t think he has to worry on that score. I think he definitely made an impact on Kyoko’s heart, judging that expression.

YAY for Ren, the only thing that could make this sweeter, is seeing Shou’s face when he finds out Ren has one upped him XD


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