I missed Da Capo, and Sekien is awesome

I missed the cherry blossoms, I missed Suginami’s antics, I missed Anzu’s merciless teasing, and of course, the pretty pictures. I say this now because I just played the Spring ultamate battle (a mini fandisc prequel of sorts to D.C.II), and everything just feels…right.

On the other hand, I just started Sekien no Inganock, and it’s pretty amazing. The music is haunting, the art is like nothing I have ever seen before, the voice acting is absolutely fantastic (the voice of the clown is perfectly errie, and when Gii meets that prostitute, every bit of her voice was just amazing. Her shock, her happiness, and that nervous weariness of everything…). Of course, the story is intriguing too, I am VERY curious at what is really going on in that story.

Also, Ati’s voice reminds me of Shiki, which is perfectly fine with me (the 7th movie of Kara no Kyoukai was pretty good, through the metaphorical rape and the kiss was beyond creepy, more on that later).

The closest that these two stories will come to in terms of atmosphere? Maybe?

2 thoughts on “I missed Da Capo, and Sekien is awesome

  1. Did they fully translate the core DCII in Chinese? If so I need to get my hands on that lol. Sadly I don’t surf Chinese anime boards to pick up on this kind of thing =\

    • Yes, they did, they also translated 2 short spinsoffs (ultimate battle and Featuring Yuni), some of CDCD, and half of Spring Celebration.

      You don’t really need to browse anime forums (I don’t either), in my opinion, checking Sumisora and Lostsummer once in a while is good enough, whatever one missed, the other one probably got.

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