Just finished Sekien no Inganock

Ati…Ati…ATIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Damn it, this always happens! Damn you, Liarsoft!

Okay, okay, I think I’ve calmed down…

SNI is a story that’s all about the atmosphere. It’s about short bits of pieces of people’s lives and emotions that makes up a world. It has great music, beautiful images, and absolutely haunting voice acting. The story is revealed to you, bit by bit, always bitterweet (infact, sometimes it’s just bitter). Needless to say I loved this game.

However, I really hate Liarsoft for some of the things it did, namely the whole voice acting thing. For those of you who hadn’t played this game, IT’S ONLY PARTIALLY VOICED. That means you’ll hear some stunning acting one minute and then it’ll be gone for the next half an hour. Why, Liarsoft, Why? You either voice all of it or none of it, don’t just release a game that sounds like it was half finished!The story was confusing too, and the writer has the habit of repeating things OVER AND OVER AND OVER again (which isn’y exactly something that I love). In the end, everything was very vague and metaphorical, but that’s fine (after Remember 11, EVERYTHING is fine).

It’s getting late so I’ll just stop now, full review will be up tomorrow (probably).

P.S.: Ruaha is really, REALLY moe. A friend and I spent close to an hour going over just how moe she and Ati are (this is NOT what you’re picturing, okay? We’re both girls).


4 thoughts on “Just finished Sekien no Inganock

  1. Wow, either you are very fast, or this is a short game. Took me a while to finish What a Beautiful Tomorrow although I can probably process metaphors in english easier haha.

    Finished my finals today, so I finally have time to game. :Q

    • Well, this is pretty short. I started yesterday, but I spent most of that hanging with friends, so if I was really going for it I could have finished it in a single day, I think.
      I wholeheartedly feel your happiness. My break started a bit earlier than you though :).

  2. Perhaps you could spoil me about the ending? I’m halfway through the game but I don’t have time to complete it, yet I’m dying for the ending 😦

  3. It’s a bit open-ended, but basically the entire city collapses. Ati loses her memories and reverts back to beinga human. The loli is revealed to be dead all along, and maybe the doctor dies with her (like I said, kinda open-ended). At the end, the children discovers a kid, who may or may not be the metal dude from behind the doctor, who may or may not be the spirit of a child who died before the city was cut off from the world. The monsters might be toys which were to be given to the new born babies in a clinic, but everyone in the clinic died. Then, stuff happened. It’s really hard to explain, especially since I don’t get it myself

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