To wear or not to wear…

Glasses? Or no glasses? Just wondering.


Okay, holy CRAP, this is NOT good.

The above character, Lillian, had 2 poses.

To get the picture above, cropped the picture, shrunk it, and clicked save. Realizing my mistake, I saved the jped ctrl-Z-ed my way back.

But then I forgot to save the PSD file again. Which means that I now have half of my work erased and the other half in 1/4 its original size.

This means I have to do the whole thing over again.

Please excuse me as I go and hit my head against the wall for a hour or so.

P.S.: Drawing food is painful, especially taiyaki and super concentrated peach juice.

P.P.S: Probably no more posts for the holidays. Will try to finish playing Jingai Makyou, catch up on all the anime I haven’t been watching, finish drawing sepia tears, and do my school work before January 4th. I might not be able to come back alive. Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “To wear or not to wear…

  1. Hmm I like her without glasses and my hubby feels your frustration, he’s done a similar thing many a time.

    It really sucks when you’ve been working on something long enough to kill your back and then realize you have to do half of it all over again because you just lost it.

    I’ve done it with blog posts -_-

  2. Oh, ouch. That’s probably the worst thing that can happen when drawing. :/
    And as a note: I vote for now and always will vote for glasses.

  3. awwwww… that is kinda frustrating >.<

    oh… i like the expression of the one without the glasses but since i'm a megane fan, i go for glasses!!!

  4. question real quick, do you draw “food of Myra” with her without the left arm and made the left arm a separate layer from everything else and just have different left arm layers?

    That’s really cool if that’s the case, I’ve never tried anything of the sort before.

    • Actually, I drew her with her arm down before I realized that she needed to be holding food. Then, I dragged the down arm into another layed and did the other arms on separate layers (1 for the arm, the rest for hands).

  5. I use to lose work forgetting to save the right things haha.

    But usually I send my friend, who colours, each progressive step I make in the lineart to show him and he always saves them, so he’s like my backup lol.

    That kind of sweater vest should go with glasses, a classic style. 😀

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