Anime Previews – The Winter Of Our Discontent

This is Sakura

This is Choux

So I wouldn’t expect too many anime posts about the upcoming season from me, because frankly nothing really looks worth my time case in point…

There are a few series that I’m interested in, but the rest all seems like carbon copies of each other…

Baka to Test no Shoukanjuu

Premise: The show centers around Akihisa Yoshii. In the Academy he attends the prodigies are in the A class and the idiots like himself the F class. (I am yawning already)

One of the smart girls Mizuki Himeji, is sick on test day and ends up in the F class along with the idiots and of course you just know Akihisa finds her hawt. Oh yeah they can summon fantasy creatures to battle and Akihisa decides to challenge the higher tiered classes to battle with these creatures to get their perks.


For some reason the only school –> plus kinda stupid guy —> lots of girls –> magic or whatever, kind of show I don’t mind so much is Negima.

I blame Maburaho, I hated that show so much I think it just kind of put me off this genre as a whole. The fanservice in the trailer didn’t endear it to me either. So in case the negative tone didn’t already clue you in, I’ll be passing on this.

… I feel the same… (really, I do. Words can’t describe the hatred I have for maburaho)

Airs – TV Tokyo, Thursdays, Starting January 7th.

Chu Bra!!

Premise: Middle-Schooler Nayu, loves underwear and so starts up a club so that her schoolmates can understand the wonderfulness that is undies.


Um yeah… HELL NO! In fact if anyone knows a spell that can erase my memory so I can forget I even wasted time on the trailer, please let me know.

*Sigh…it’s like they’re not even trying now… I’m not going near this with a ten foot pole…

Airs – AT-X, Mondays, Starting January 4th.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Premise: Wanting to end the isolation of her race, vampire Mina Tepes pays off the national debt of the Japanese government, to create a special district for Vampires and then plans to announce their existence to the world. However not all vampires or humans are quite comfortable with her plans…


The premise sounded interesting and I like vampires. So it was looking good, until the whole practically naked loli thing.

Yeah, yeah she’s 300 years old, whatever, she still looks pre-pubescent and she’s running around the trailer in nothing but a skimpy pair of panties and a cloak that does nothing to hide her undeveloped chest.

Even if she has a more adult form when unsealed I’m basically too grossed out to even consider watching it.  I’m not into lolicon or shouta so this is a big fat pass. Its a pity they couldn’t have made this premise without the whole loli aspect, I’d have totally been keen on checking it out if they had.

Read some of the manga, not interested.

Airs: Chiba TV, TBA January.


Premise: The gangstars of the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo are all wary of the urban legend “Dullahan”, a headless rider, riding a black motorbike with no headlights and or engine sounds.

Ryuugamine Mikado likes to seek out the unusual and as he arrives in Ikebukuro a mad scramble for “Dullahan’s” head is breaking out.


Okay so maybe there is ONE show I’ll be at least checking out. I like the supernatural and this has fighting in it, so it has my interest. There is also the added bonus of no loli vamps or magical school girl harem elements, that alone so far makes it win.

Hmm…the animation looks pretty decent…I might watch this…

Airs: MBS, Fridays, starting January 8th.

Hanamaru Youchien (Hanamaru Kindergarten)

Premise: Anzu, Koume and Hiiragi are three pre-schoolers trying to attract the attention of their carer Tschuida. However he seems more interested in Yamamoto who teaches in the classroom next door.


Thank god for that, because if Mina the loli vamp hadn’t already left me with the need to bring up my lunch this would have. Except that going by the trailer it seems like they are going more for cute then ecchi and the guy seems to prefer chicks his own age.

Still don’t think I’m going to waste time on it though. Even if Seiji Mizushima (the director of Gundam 00) is going to be at the helm.

…(getting some really creepy Kodomo no Jikan vibes from this)…runs away…

Airs: TV Tokyo, Mondays, starting January 11th.

Harukanaru Toki ni Naka de 3 ~Owari Naki Unmei

Premise: There is no trailer for this yet. If you haven’t seen the previous two, girl finds herself in magical land, gets drawn into various events in which only she can help and is surrounded by hawt guys, blah, blah, blah.


I did actually get through the first installment of this series, but just couldn’t bring myself to watch the second and doubt I’ll go anywhere near the third. In a nutshell… YAWN!

I have never really liked the whole idea of male harems, and this…well…it’s kind of like a reverse eroge, isn’t it (note that I said reverse, not anti)? Anyway, the main complaint that I have with these kinds of series is that the guys are all ugly. I can stand mindless crap if the guys are pretty, but this is just plain awful.

Airs: AT-X, Mondays, starting January 4th.

Hidamari Sketch

Premise: Group of girls living in an apartment and attending the same school.


Unless I hear exceptional things about it, not going to bother. I think I’ll have more fun playing my new video games or building my VF-27.

Not into slice of lifes.

Airs: TBS, Fridays, starting January 8th.


Premise: The seventh head of the Kyotou school of Japanese sword martial arts, Yasuri Shichika, heads out to collect the twelve treasured swords created by a legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki.


Okay, based on light novels authored by Nishio, Ishin who also authored Bakemonogatari, so I’m already interested. Plus the art style kind of has me drawn in.

We found another winner, well okay not winner but I’ll will be checking this one out.


Airs: MBS, TBA January.

Ladies versus Butlers

Verdict: So the beginning of the trailer bored me to tears, then it got worse… in other words fanservice. So this is a no for me. If I’m going to watch something with a butler in it, that would be Kuroshitsuji.


Oh you wanted to know what the plot is about? Does it even really matter, one guy, a school full of girls, panty shots, nakedness, groping and inexplicably a girl whose hair looks like a pair of croissants… That probably about covers it.

Hmm? What do you mean this is a new series? I don’t see anything, nope, nothing at all, it’s not like I’m blocking out all fanservicy harem series from my brain or anything like that~

Airs: AT-X, Tuesdays, January 5th.

Nodame Cantabile Final

Premise: If you like me haven’t seen this from the beginning, it basically centers around Shinichi Chiaki who is a top class pianist. Sadly he cannot pursue his dream of a career amongst the elites in Europe since he is afraid of flying.

Grounded in Japan he meets Noda Megumi (Nodame). She’s unkempt, has no direction, ends up moving next door to him and to his dismay falls in love with him. But something about the way she plays piano draws him in and the anime/manga follows their relationship as they learn from one another.


Okay so make that 3 shows worth checking out. Though I wont be watching this just yet til I’m caught up since I haven’t even gotten around to watching the beginning. But I have enjoyed the few chapters I’ve read of the manga so its on my list of anime/manga to get to.

A friend of mine has been raving about this series for forever, so maybe when it’s finished I’ll pick it up?

Airs: Fuji TV, Fridays at 12:45am, date TBA.

Omamori Himari

Premise: Guy, something, something demons, something, something ends up being protected by catgirl with sword.


Yawn and if that wasn’t enough the trailer with fanservice really didn’t endear me either. If they were going to go the whole omamori route I’d have preferred they made something out of Omamori no Kamisama. Better yet make an anime out of Kamisama Hajimemashita, that I WOULD FOR SURE ENJOY!

I can’t see anything…I can’t see anything…well, I did see some QUALITY, but, no…I can’t see anything…

Airs: UHF, TBA January.

Ookami Kakushi

Premise: Brought to you by those behind the Higurashi franchise it revolves around 16 year old Hiroshi Kuzumi. He’s just moved to Jogamachi a place big on carrying on their old traditional ways. Everyone seems to warm to him at school except for his class president, Nemuru Kushinada who warns him to stay away from the old part of town…


I like mystery, but the trailer didn’t seem all the interesting and besides I have a feeling Choux might be giving this one a looksee so I’ll defer to her 🙂

First off, we have a BEAUTIFUL song by Kalafina; then, we have the peach pit designs; on top of that we have RYUKISHI07! Well, unfortunately, studio DEEN is there too, but nevertheless, I’ll be REALLY looking forward to this series~ (okay, turns out I was mistaken, it’ll be studio AIC instead. But the animation still doesn’t seem any better)

Airs: TBS, TBA January.

Seikon no Qwaser

Premise: Oribe Mafuyu is attending St. Mikhailov Academy, she meets a Qwaser called Alexander, who draws his power from… ‘breast milk’


So if the premise hadn’t already lost me, the panty shots and jiggling breasts further cemented my decision not to bother with this.

Usually, I’d stay away from a series like this, but then I read the manga on a whim (hey, the guy wrote Mai Otome Arashi, and that was chock full of awesome). I couldn’t believe it, but it’s actually really good (once you get past the nudity and the religious references). I’ll be watching this, mostly for Sasha (he’s so adorable~)

Airs: TBA.

So Ra Wo To No

Premise: War has brought a gradual decline to the world. People have disappeared from the town of Seize and fishes have ceased to exist in the sea. In this quiet town five girls guard a tower.


I think I’ll check out the first episode, though I’m not all that sure I’ll be sticking with it. Maybe it will be more lively than the trailer is showing it to be.

Yawning at the story and sobbing at how the art was changed. I’m not going near this thing.

Airs: TV Tokyo, Tuesdays, January 5th.

Weiss Survive R

Premise: All I know about this is something to do with card battles.


Bored now.


Airs: TBS, Saturdays, December 5th.


9 thoughts on “Anime Previews – The Winter Of Our Discontent

  1. Yes you should try picking up Nodame, it shocks me on how this show did not really manage to become ‘mainstream’. Although, I’d prefer a live-action finale series myself…

    • Thanks! Somehow given the amount of crap available it seemed like an apt title.

      I totally don’t blame you at first glance I had decided to pretty much skip the season myself.

      I’ll probably only end up watching two of the shows I picked, if that.

  2. Your comments are amusing. After reading all the premises, I’ll be sticking with the kindergarten series in the end. Nevertheless, I’m tempted to watch a few episodes of some ecchi series just to see if there’s anything too objectionable & maybe even shows like qwaser especially because the dude seems mysterious. I know this is a lame reason but what else is there?!

    • I’ll agree with you on that, there aren’t many reasons to justify watching shows this season, so you just have to take what you can get.

      Hopefully there will be lots of manga updates to keep me busy reading.

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