Naruto Chapter 477 – Itachi is back?

No that isn’t an old picture of Itachi from a previous chapter, it is in fact the final panel from the current chapter. The ‘dead’ Itachi is now standing before Danzo…

Now I hate Danzo, but even I have to agree with his words here, because its pretty much the truth. Unless Sasuke has been playing Madara this whole time and if he has then he’s a bloody good actor. But then so was his older brother, though Itachi by far seems to be the more intelligent of the two, particularly given Sasuke’s behavior lately.
Madara didn’t bring Sasuke to Danzo for any kind of revenge, again he’s just using Sasuke as a tool to gauge Danzo’s strength’s and abilities.
Either Sasuke is aware of this and just doesn’t care, thinking that as long as he gets his revenge it doesn’t make a difference. Or he’s completely oblivious to how Madara is playing him for a patsy. We’ll find out in time I guess.
Sasuke was smart when he was younger, it would be sad if he grew up to be an idiot.

Danzo continues to berate Sasuke and tells him he’s making the sacrifice of his clan worthless, further invoking Sasuke’s anger. But despite invoking both Susanoo and Amaterasu, cutting off Danzo’s arm of Sharingan (also looks like he beheaded him too, but kind uncertain on that) still Danzo stands before him without a scratch.

Karin using her ability to gauge chakra’s determines that they are not under a genjutsu and Madara learns not only of Danzo’s skills but new skills Sasuke has picked up since he now seems to be able to summon a huge hawk.

At the climax of the chapter, black crows appear and standing before Danzo appears to be Uchiha Itachi (ahh my inner fangirl is deliriously happy).

Hmm so is Itachi really alive or is his appearance similar to that of the Yondaime’s and so this will be a limited appearance.

Or was the Itachi that actually fought Sasuke nothing but a fake, like the jutsu they performed when he and Kisame faced off against team seven previously? Making the Itachi we see now the real one?

I can’t wait to find out 🙂


43 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 477 – Itachi is back?

  1. Nooooo, you can’t take ‘Tachi! He’s vital in the Itachi X Sasuke X Danzo pairing. D8

    I mean, without Itachi, who’s going to play the part of the stoic, cold-hearted ninja? Neither Sasuke nor Danzo can provide for that!

      • Heinous? Danzo’s old and charismatic. He’s surely had a lot of sexual experience. He’ll be able to lead both Sasuke and Itachi into a fucking world of pleasure. Besides, I bet Danzo’s not afraid of necrophilia, so Itachi doesn’t need to worry!

        Besides, if Itachi and Sasuke are afraid of incest, they can use Danzo as the… ‘middleman’, so to say.

        Get it? MIDDLEMAN?

  2. I think the same way that ameteratsu was planted in sasuke’s eye in the event that he looked at the Madara’s sharingan he also planted a jutsu in sasuke’s eye so that if he ever looked at danzo’s sharingan a clone would appear and kill danzo..since he told danzo when he was alive if u touch my lil bro imma tear ur ball soff…or something to that effect…he is a man of his word

    • LOL, he’d have to look hard to find em, I bet Danzo’s balls shriveled up and died a long time ago.

      At least I hope they did, I hope no one ever tried to procreate with that man. Think of the gene pool! *shudder*

  3. I dont know if Sasuke is doin a illusion or something on danzo, but i hope not, but it seems to easy, if it is the real Itachi, then Sasuke and Itachi would kill Danzo AND Madara easy…So i dont think its the real Itachi..

  4. I Think itachi is still alive and he is a man of his words
    when he “lost” agaisnt sasuke zetsu was in dought of his death and so was I. and in chapter 394 page 7 his finger moves, u see sasukes shock, then deprese, and then he slimes. why did he smile? we all know itachi let sasuke win but i dont think he is suicidal.

    • I think he smiled because of the nostalgia of the moment.

      Because in that single moment when he poked Sasuke’s forehead, he wasn’t a ninja of Konoha, he wasn’t a member of Akatsuki, he was simply being the brother Sasuke had loved.

  5. hi, I just hope it is really him itachi ( it’s a dream if it’s him :p )

    itachi is my favorite, one of the most impressive animepersonage i saw, I hope it isn’t a illusion or something in that kind, I hope it’s just him!

  6. Itachi its like a dream comes true 😀
    i dont know if u goes notice it but when itachi died they didnt show what happened with the body they suddenly went to sasukes black out and from i understand sasuke now loves his brother so why didnt he toke the body ?

  7. Lol, my inner fangirl senses were tingling as well.. But then I myself have another theory.

    What if, when Pein used the ‘Geddo Rinne Tensei’, Itachi was close enough to be affected by the jutsu?

    For all we know, Madara may have left Itachi’s body in the surroundings, since, as we all know, Madara took Itachi’s body, right?

    >_< Please tell me that Itachi's appearance will be permanent…

  8. T.T i was so pissed, heartbroken, and disapointed that all itachi was was some genjutsu that sasuke used… I think da author just wanted to fuck with us all!

  9. If he is alive I’m ready to slam it in my friends face!!! 🙂 Plus my inner fangirl will have more to chat about. Hopefully Masashi Kishimoto gives him another chance! Until then, Rest in Peace, Itachi Uchiha….

  10. man that aint itachi its just a jutsu that sasuke’s making and i was looking for the park when itachi really comes back in the manga i was ujst wondering how did itachi came back if his eyes were takin by sasuke :/

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