Just finished Eden*

…And it was good. How should I say it? Hmm…It’s like the story is kind of given to you, not forcefully, not on a silver platter, but you are simply given the ability to see the events. Of course, I mean that in a good way. Nothing seemed forced, and everything seemed as it should be (I’m pretty sure its shortness helped). It’s well paced, it’s funny, it’s tear jerking, and…well…it’s kind of got this special place in my heart now (I understand your feelings now, rooked).

Now, I’m off to do homework. A more detailed review will be coming…soon…maybe…


4 thoughts on “Just finished Eden*

    • It’s kind of hard to describe…well, it’s more like the flow the the plot seeming natural. For instance, I felt like Symphonic rain was going a bit too much in that department. The plot is saying this and that but it doesn’t feel right as you’re playing.

  1. Glad to hear you liked it. 😀

    I must say, you are going through things at a monster pace, drawing, visual novels and whatever else. Certainly putting your winter break to good use haha.

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