Starting soshite ashita no sekai yori

Okay, that’s it, I’m calling it Asushita, the whole thing is WAYYYYY too long. Anyway, this is another story about the world ending, though how the people deal with it is (I expect) completely different from Eden*. Seems like the mood will be closer to Moshiraba, but hey, I just started. The music is really nice too (once again, really close to Moshiraba), I’ve sound did a good job of it (I thought it was going to be all techno or something…) And the art…well…you can judge for yourself. I personally love everything that Ueda Ryo has ever churned out, and the warmth of the colors is especially nice after Eden* (EVERYTHING was cold in that game). Also, the backgrounds are Makoto Shinkai worthy, with the effects in the system fully complementing it. The one thing that I feel like complaining about is that the main girl is much too squeaky for her own good. Anyway, I expect good things from the game, and I’ll look forward to seeing the world be destroyed again.


One thought on “Starting soshite ashita no sekai yori

  1. Protip: It’s shortened into “Asuseka” properly.
    Looking forward to the final review. I mainly heard great things about it.

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