They didn’t HAVE to use English.They also didn’t need to make the heroine speak English. WHY do these people keep insisting on using a language they don’t understand?


4 thoughts on “Frustration

    • I’m not saying that all Japanese people are horrible at English, but the people at Nekoneko soft doesn’t seem to be part of the good-at-foreign-languages population. So far, I haven’t encountered a single game with proper English. And there’s just SOMETHING about bad English that REALLY gets on my nerves. Even in real life, I hate it when my parents try to speak in English, they sound so awful.

  1. It’s like most Hollywood films when they try to have a character speak in another tongue other than English. Or when they cast Sean Connery to play a Russian submarine captain. I usually just roll with it and burst out laughing.

  2. Well as far as Literal translations go that seems like a word-by-word done deal. It does sound awkward as hell. But you gotta admit, it’s still better than the Chinkanese in Family Project xD

    Now I wonder what a German thinks when they play Fate/stay night…

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