You can’t beat a good tune.

So I blame DB for posting a link to the Infinite Ryvius OP on FB. Because it got me thinking about all the anime related music I like.

Of course there are too many to post them all, but for nostalgia’s sake I took a look through my Itunes folder and happily discovered that yes I did have some Animetal in there. I did a search on youtube and to my delight found that they did a cover of the Macross OP.

But my two faves from them are probably this “The Juppon Gatana”

and this “Towa no Mirai, both from Rurouni Kenshin.

Ahh they take me back since Kenshin was one of the first animes I ever saw. Though the OAV ending makes me sad, so I’m going to go with the manga ending for that show, much better. I think after all he went through, Kenshin really deserved a happy ending.

Although I have to say my current fave song right now is probably “From Dusk Til Dawn” by abingdon boys school.

I’ve pretty much liked everything they’ve released so far, but that’s no surprise since I always liked T.M Revolution. Who funnily enough I first heard due to Kenshin since they used his song Heart of Sword.

Of course now you realize I have to go re-watch Rurouni Kenshin…


8 thoughts on “You can’t beat a good tune.

  1. I love From Dusk Till Dawn, too and more than the OP. Yesterday, I was annoyed when I watched the MV on youtube and saw the singer walk around leisurely singing the song. It was not compatible with the song’s feeling at all.

    • Yeah the video looks like they just pieced together stuff from a tour, Takanori did look pretty happy wondering around England 🙂

      Not that I can blame him, my home country is awesome, well some of the time XD

    • Ahh another Animetal fan made 🙂

      You’re welcome, I was actually unaware of the Macross cover myself until I did a you tube search looking for The Juppon Gatana.

      But yeah, that cover is pretty sweet, I only wish the clip was longer 🙂

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