[Review] Scarlett

Akito is a pretty average person. Like many other people, he has this thirst for adventure. Because of that, he gets involved with Shizuka (AKA the daughter of a spy family). Sounds cheesy, right? Well, not as much as you’d think. Scarlett is just a simple little story about 2 people, their worlds, and the people they love, that’s all.Characters:

Kurou…is…well…I think the picture says it all. He’s basically a genius at espionage, and a go-at-my-own-pace kind of person.

Akito’s a very earnest highschooler and a gun otaku. He’s constantly searching for adventure, and he found it when he spotted a B2 outside a californian air base. He’s very straightforward, maybe to the point of being simple, but he has a habit of saying the right things in front of Shizuka.

Shizuka is Kurou’s younger sister and Akito’s love interest. She has a somewhat devilish attitude at times but is generally a cheerful person. She can fly most aircraft in the world, is fluent in 6 languages, and has the habit of threatening Akito with her 8mm. Personally, I think she’s the best character in the game.

Emilia (at least, that’s what I THINK her name is) is basically a secluded princess. For most of her life she has been  living in a cabin tucked away somewhere, and because of that she has all kinds of odd ideas about the outside world (for instance, she thought that sinks were used to take baths in).  However, underneath her slightly ditzy exterior is a genius hacker.

Mitsuki often acts as support personnel for Kurou. She’s always complaining about how much trouble he  brings her, but she cares deeply for him nevertheless.


The story is told from 2 perspectives: Kurou and Akito. The former wields knowledge, strength, and great political power, while the latter was just a normal high school guy. But their differing views on the world and how they themselves change is one of the main reasons that the story’s interesting.

The story’s wrapped up in a pretty relaxing atmosphere. Well, at least, that’s the way it was for me. I say that mainly because I couldn’t understand any of the political maneuvers described in the story, and just let my mind wander at what I guess was supposed to be the adrenaline-pumping moments. Though, that may be the story’s downfall, as the bucket load of jargon has definitely made me waver at the thought of playing it at first.

Another thing that the writers did pretty well was the set up. Sure, it’s not like Ever17, but I was pleasantly surprised at how the little details added up, and how everything clicks together. However cheesy the background was, it was still pretty tear jerking. And I have to say that it’s the best part of the game.

One thing that I found odd is that despite having the story take place all over the world, all the characters are quite Japanese. For instance, we have a German doctor asking for another bowl of rice at dinner, which is just odd.


The art, for the most part, is clean and plesant to look at. But, some of it is pretty inconsistent (like showing a girl sleeping with a jacket and waking up without one, or using basically the same CG for a young girl at present time and 8 years ago, etc etc).


I think that the music is another highlight of the game. There’s a qide varity of sounds, from bongos and guitar to piano and jazzier pieces. Those who has played Narcissu should feel familiar with the music, as the 2 games share many composers.


Pretty average. The textbox was hideous, but the movements of the menus were slick. You can adjust individual voices and font on top of the usual options (which is something that I always like). The game also comes with a number of extras for Nekoneko Soft’s other games (which is to be expected, since they knew it was going to be their last game and wanted a proper wrap up for long time players).



Sound: 9/10

Programming: 8/10

Total:76/100 B

Overall? I expected more from the writer of Narcissu, but it’s a nice little story if you don’t have much to do over a weekend.


One thought on “[Review] Scarlett

  1. Sounds kinda cool and fabulous. Also the spanish OP makes it seem quite fun (Hilarious pronunciation).
    I wish I’d know chinese :/ . Amazing how many games you Chinese are getting every year. *envious*

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