Bwahahahaha! – Obaka-chan Koigatariki

Well I think I mentioned it might be a good idea just to do some random posts on manga I am reading. So when I happened upon this manga today and this scene that made me decide to carry on reading it, because I couldn’t stop laughing, I figured it would make a great quick post.

The plot isn’t all that complex, in fact you’ve probably heard it all before. Super strong girl, sick of being thought of as a rough girl (at this point Oresama Teacher springs to mind), transfers to another school in search of love.

Of course her first day there Sonoda mistakenly thinks Tokio is bullying some other kids and decks him, breaking his nose and in the process earning herself a one way trip into the ‘Baka-class’.

She does indeed find a guy she likes though, of course the Princely Shin-sama is seemingly out of her league. You know the kind, hawt, smart, top of the school.

But of course we all know that she’s going to end up with Tokio in the end. Even with all the obstacles in their way, such as Shin-sama’s fanclub.

Or there is Kenichi deciding that even though his love is unrequited he can’t hand his beloved Tokio over, which sucks for Tokio since he actually seems to like Sonoda, even though at first all he wanted to do was fight her.

Besides, we all know the princely Shin can’t be all that he seems right? Typical fare really, but I’ll keep reading as long as it continues to make me laugh.


22 thoughts on “Bwahahahaha! – Obaka-chan Koigatariki

    • Cool, you’ll have to let me know what you think.

      It kinded of ended up getting a little bit serious, but not too much.

      So far I haven’t lost interest like I did with Special A.

      • That’s cause nothing every happens in Special A. I skipped to the end and still nothing happens (=_= )

        Art style is a little disappointing though (goes to take a stab @ ch1 anyhow)

  1. Yup, I almost couldn’t go on because it was so cliched at first (come on, special class, violent girl, quiet guy with crush, violent guy with crush, Mr.Prince who’s not so princy, gay best friend of one guy, female friend with a boyfriend streak, weird chairman, etc etc etc). But it’s still funny and the art’s nice. Sabu’s amusing, and it’s kind of ironic how this is turning into a reverse harem.
    It was hilarious when the whole “Tokio’s manliness has gone up by 20” thing came up, but I wish they didn’t go with the whole ex-girlfriend thing.

  2. @ Aorii, true about Special A. I can deal with repetitive for the most part, after all I still read Naruto, Bleach and I stuck with InuYasha until the end.

    But I just couldn’t handle anymore of Special A.

    My attention span where Kaichou wa maid sama is involved is also starting to wane, although it may finally be starting to pick up. We’ll see, I’ll give it a few more chapters, because I’m a glutton for punishment.

  3. Well in Kaichou they dropped just enough of a hint on Usui’s past to keep me interested.. for now. If they don’t start developing things within the next few chapters I’m going to rage lol.

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  5. I just read all 14 ch today and I lOVE this story. I’m kinda sad neiro cut her hair though…I loved her hair T.T o well but I love shojo mangas like this and kaichou wa maid sama, kyou, koi wo hajimemasu, and boyfriend…do you know where I can find more of this manga ?
    in maid sama usui is gunna say eveything about him so we FINALLY get to know him!! ^.^

    • Looks like we have similar tastes as far as shoujo goes, I’m also keeping up with kyou koi wo hajimemasu.

      As for this Aerandria is scanlating it and they only have up to chapter 14 done so far, if you click on the link in the post that will take you their site so you can see updates on their projects.

      As for Maid Sama, about damn time!

      If you like cute stuff you might want to check out the other manga I posted about Kamisama Hajimemashita. If you aren’t already reading it I bet you’d enjoy it.

      You might want to check out Strobe Edge too unless you are already reading it. I came across that one the other day and got totally sucked into it.

  6. ^^^^^^^^^Umm why is my avatar a wired lookin thing??… ^^^^^^^^^^ that’s so wierd mayb not for a guy but I’m not a a guyy Q.Q

    • The blog is set to display avatars. If you have a blog and therefore a wordpress account it will display the avatar you use on that blog.

      If you don’t then it randomly generates one for you.

  7. waaahhh!!
    I really love this manga….hahahaha

    Shin is just a _____! hahahah
    I mean he’s a fool!
    I don’t like him since at the start and get worse when he told Neiro the truth Neiro..@_@

    But I’m happy at chapter 14..:]
    but i hope they gonna update it soon cuz I can’t wait for the upcoming chapters to come!! <33

    Tokio&&Neiro forever♥

  8. Love this manga but I guess all the waiting really kills it for me -_- same thing wit maid sama…..I mean at least they revealed usui’s history but they still left out the details we reeeally wanted to hear…
    (I mean, who DIDNT obviously know usui was loaded?) :p

    • Yeah Kaichou wa maid sama drives me nuts for the same reason.

      Glad we’re finally getting somewhere were Usui is concerned even if its only a snippet.

      That makes it somewhat more bearable!

  9. you said that “But of course we all know that she’s going to end up with Tokio in the end. ”

    is it true?? because i have read some forums and they said that there is a chance that Neiro will end up with Shin and not with Tokio so I was really disappointed..

    can you guys tell me to whom will she end up with??please?? tnx :3

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