I didn’t expect that

A 2001 reference in To aru Kagaku no Rilgun. But this is supposed to be slightly futuristic, so does that mean the Star Child has already been born? If that was related to the creepy baby monster from episode 12 then choosing the nuclear reactor makes sense now! Ah, but the novel was a novel after all, HAL can’t be real (he’s too huge for it, especially after Kuroko’s phone), and this IS an artificial enviroment after all.

Anyway…caught up with the series, it’s a lot of fun. Though I did quite a few facepalms at the whole ojou-samas-can’t-cook bit.


9 thoughts on “I didn’t expect that

  1. i’ve watched this episode 9 times now… i still didn’t get the reference, never seen Space Odyssy.

    on the other hand, when i see this, for some reason, i think of toaru majutsu no index, the episode where Kuroko (US president) is in the White House saying “Yes, we can!”

    (has there ever been a president of US that actually said that? why does Japanese always uses that as a American quote…?)

    • I have no idea, not American. Well, technically, everyone who lives on North and/or South America can call themselves American, it’s just just that the people from USA called dibs on the name. But even if it’s for the entire continent, I don’t think I’ll ever call myself an American. Proudly Canadian for a few years now.

  2. Obama actually said “Yes we can!”???


    As for Choux the Canadian… coooooooooooooooool!

    what, what ethnicity is Choux?

  3. Chinese-Canadian… woah!

    That’s… unheard of. At least for me.

    Speaking of Chinese, I’m actually Chinese myself.

    Will be going back to US in a week though.

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