I’ve Been Consumed – Ashita no Ousama

So this caught my eye yesterday, in fact I got so consumed by the story I spent all day reading until I had read all that Wing Tip Cafe had scanlated.

Don’t let the art stop you from checking it out, I’m aware that it probably isn’t the most appealing to some. After all if I had let art be an issue I’d have never read Hana Yori Dango.

Ashita no Ousama “Tomorrow’s King” revolves around Sasaya Yuu. After a school acquaintance Yoshisawa asks her along to see a play, Sasaya becomes fascinated by theatre.

Of course the idea of such a country bumpkin as herself making it onto stage is totally laughable and seems like a far away dream.
Lucky for her Yoshisawa decides to pick on her and take her to see a prestigious troupe, which backfires in Sasaya’s favor, when she recognizes the actor Ichii Touya from the play she had previously seen.

He was helping out for a friend and would get into trouble if his troupe found out he had worked for another company. He’s astounded that Sasaya could recognize him through all the make-up, but she has an eye for detail and an ear for voices.

Touya ends up recommending her to a troupe run by a friend of his, not because Sasaya threatens him with blackmail, she’s just not that type of girl, but because she intrigues him with her desire to make it on stage.

AHA! I hear you all say, this is where she goes along and everyone discovers she’s an acting prodigy! Well not quite, she doesn’t even have an ounce of talent when it comes to acting, in fact she can’t even act like a robot without messing it up.

It gets to the point where she is all ready to give everything up, but Touya helps her to see that there is more to the stage than just acting, starting Sasaya on the road to living her dream of being a part of the stage, even if it doesn’t involve being an actor.

The characters are what really sucked me into this manga, although the insight into theater is also an interesting read. The more she discovers herself and her talents the more people are drawn to Sasaya. Something that really seems to annoy Touya, who has become quite possessive of her.

He absolutely hates it when she praises others in front of him,totally flies off at the deep end when he sees the Chief comforting her and develops a hatred for Kazuma Rin, just because Sasaya is captivated by his talent.

It seems like its love, although Touya himself doesn’t seem to realize that. In fact he is pretty dense where love is concerned, considering he can’t see that his childhood friend is in love with him.
Of course she’s so bitchy and overbearing about it, I wouldn’t blame him for not seeing the love. Especially when she is so blinded by trying to be the best for him she actually has no idea who he really is and what he really wants.

He’s a totally interesting character, If it involves acting he’s on top of his game, but when it comes to something like love, he’s completely clueless. Or maybe its more like acting consumes him so much he just doesn’t give love a thought or has never given it a thought, so he doesn’t really know how it feels and so doesn’t recognize it.

At one point he suggests that Sasaya and himself are the same; so caught up in work, that it is all they see. At this point Sasaya is actually a bit more aware than Touya, since the Chief has helped her to realize something important.

Its funny how Touya comes to rely on Sasaya, who is even more naive when it comes to people than he is, but it is sweet how they become each others encouragement.
I don’t think he even realizes how jealous he gets about sharing her. Sasaya of course is totally oblivious to it, but its funny how this handsome, totally together guy, becomes this jealous, petty, child whenever her attention is taken away from him.

Even with the guys flocking around her I’m not even sure you could accuse the manga of turning into a harem. Since I really think Kazuma is just interested in her talents, although the Kabuki actor Fujinosuke certainly seems to be drawn to her both romantically and professionally.

From where I last left off it seems that maybe Touya may actually have gotten a clue, but he’s kissed her before and brushed it off as nothing, so we’ll see what happens this time. With his new found sense of determination I’m sure Fujinosuke won’t just sit back and let Touya win.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Consumed – Ashita no Ousama

  1. Just finished reading this manga and I loved it, it’s hilarious because I justified the art by comparing it to Hana Yori Dango too, great minds think alike I guess!

    • Great minds indeed 🙂 I couldn’t help it! I mean I did enjoy Hana Yori Dango and the art is certainly better than anything I could produce, but… Well visually it wasn’t all that appealing to me.

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