YAY for Youkai pt 1 – Kamisama Hajimemashita

I was born and raised in England, an old country full of myths and legends, from the Loch Ness Monster to Black Hounds said to be a portent of death, from Kelpie’s to Banshee’s, my country is rich with folklore.

Which is probably why I am so fascinated with anything of that nature, so any manga featuring youkai is an instant draw for me. No wonder then, that I’ve really grown to like ‘Kamisame Hajimemashita, currently being scanned by Aerandria Though by no means is this the only manga they scanlate worth reading. They seem to have a knack for picking really good mangas.

Its shoujo, so expect cliches, many of them in fact. But I love Tomoe so much that I find myself overlooking the usual familiar plot lines.

Nanami, loses her home due to her father’s gambling debts, oh and her deadbeat father also abandons her. Having nowhere to go she ends up in a local park and saves a hysterical man up a tree from a dog.

Finding out she has nowhere to go the man kisses her on the forehead and tells her to seek out his place, since he can’t go back there. Upon arrival Nanami finds herself at a shrine.

It seems that the man she met called ‘Mikage’ passed on the mark of the land god to her with that kiss. She is now the land god of the shrine and all that comes with it, which includes a very annoyed familiar, a Kitsune called Tomoe.

Tomoe is beautiful, arrogant, deadly and very unhappy about the entire situation, but we don’t need a mind reader to know, that slowly he and Nanami are going to grow to like each other.

Its fun, its cute and I absolutely adore Tomoe, particularly when he’s angry, which happens often where Nanami is concerned, because of course being human, she draws a lot of trouble from the youkai side of her new position.

This really is one of my favorite current reads, sometimes you need some plain old lighthearted fun and this manga has it in spades.


6 thoughts on “YAY for Youkai pt 1 – Kamisama Hajimemashita

  1. Lol, I read the first few lines of this (post) and Britain from Hetalia was the first thought that jumps to mind. Got special mythical creature seeing powers also? xD

    • LOL, not monsters, although I’ve been told I’m sensitive to spirits…

      Though going by the phenomena, we’re pretty convinced the activity in our house growing up could be attributed to a poltergeist. Its probably all the odd goings on in that place that have made me so interested in youkai XD

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