Oh crap

School starts in exactly 11 hours…and I STILL haven’t finished my homework…

AND on top of that, wordpress can’t display GIFs properly (crap, there’s even LESS time now)!


18 thoughts on “Oh crap

  1. Same with me, I feel your pain~ I have not completed any of my homework, I attempted too but yeah, I don’t know what happened, I just seem to find something to distract me like what I’m doing right now x3 Good luck with your homework 🙂

  2. WordPress can display gifs correctly, it just doesn’t resize them correctly ^^. You should resize it to 500px × 281px first and then upload it.

    Also, have fun with school xD. I’m glad I’m done with that stuff.

    • What? I can’t see why you’d flamed. The sense of movement it nice, and I really like the backgrounds. Plus, Kuroko’s expression is just what I expected from her!

  3. people on his forum flamed it because according to them, i drew it BECAUSE it was a swimsuit episode and that it was a crappy episode.

    i mean ya, i did enjoy the episode, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

    KCG: Swimwear? Nothx.
    Lolikit: You WOULD feel like doing a doujinshi after that terrible episode…
    Lolikit’s girlfriend (only nice person): It’s pretty well drawn. I like the beach. 😛
    Me: come on… not a single comment on the improvement of art but just keep on flaming on my taste, i highly appreciate it.
    KCG: I’ll start looking at your work when you stop drawing swimwear.

  4. sry for double posting, but Choux, since ur kinda an expert on anime art, do you think you can give me some advice on paneling…etc for doujinshi?

    i have a rough story in my head, but i don’t know how to lay it out well except the basic spread page to catch the readers’ eyes like the one i linked earlier.

    • TNH, seriously, even though it isn’t anime related you should check out ‘How To Draw The Marvel Way”.

      That might help you with paneling, since its based on how to draw comics, it covers topics like that.

      @ Choux, I know exactly how you feel, sort of. I’m so swamped with surgery right now I have no time to catch up with paperwork!!!!!!

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