Please be honest

A few interesting events has popped up, making me curious about the readers here at Calamitous Intents. Please don’t check the about page, if you did, then pretend you didn’t and answer these questions honestly.


15 thoughts on “Please be honest

  1. Does checking the about page in the past count? Well, I answered as honestly as I could. I guess choice #3 on poll #2 wouldn’t be very helpful. Darn!

  2. A cream of puff from space! Sorry, I couldn’t help choosing that when offered. I’ve known about your gender for a while and I forget if it was from the about page or inferred through post content. Having homework over the break in Vancouver probably means you’re a high school student, but playing visual novels throws me off haha.

    As for post content and length, I didn’t vote because I’m indifferent, though “more is better” works as a general rule.

  3. We all know Choux is a sexy cream puff from space that we all drool over, else why’d anyone be here?

    but really though, i’m surprised there’s people who didn’t realize this place is by multiple authors. (though i never seen the other 2 ever make a post before…)

  4. I can’t answer the last two.

    2nd to last)
    -Please write about that which drives you to write.

    -I don’t want long detailed posts, but those that have enough words to intrigue and stimulate discussion and/or a response.

    -If you write about art/artists please do it one at a time (central focus), referencing other artists is okay though, but more than one central focus at a time tends to be a distraction.

    ❤ for u

  5. I’m reading this blog since there was the black background and the “it’s cold outside so read us ” or something like that phrase but this may be my first time posting so I knew for a long time most of the answers.
    -You should continue to blog about everything you like.
    -i love your VNs posts the most.

  6. Figures why you asked the first question but, regarding the gist of your questions regarding the content of the posts, I couldn’t agree less with what Ryan A said. I also think that focusing on one at a time is much better than covering many but less detailed all at the same time.

  7. More visual novel reviews would be nice. You are the only one chinese VN reader who reviews chinese translated vns, so I really appreciate it.

      • I meant who reviews stuff in a language common english-speaking people can understand. And truthfully, I vastly prefer reading any review in a properly built blog form, instead of a forum, or an imageboard.

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