Impossible? Maybe?

While looking at the art for Mashiro Iro Symphony, I noticed something that’s quite interesting (at least in my eyes). The original character designer, Izumi Tsubasu, couldn’t possibly have created and completed the above image.

As you can quite clearly see, the top image (promotional art for the game), used the coloring style typical of Palette, which is quite different from the character designer’s original style (as seen in the second image). While I’m not complaining at the change (I prefer the game art), this has made me curious at the amount of input that an artist would put into such a game.

Near the end of her artbook White Clover (which I kind of regret buying), Key’s signature artist Itaru Hinoue (think Air, Kanon, and Clannad) states that most of the finishing work was left to the CG team at the company. Was that the same case here? Or was the first image drawn by other artists from Palette without any work from Izumi Tsubasu? Even if the coloring was left to someone else, it seems near impossible to have a single artist do ALL the lineart for a game. Perhaps they just do the lines in pencil and leave the rest to the assistants, or maybe there are cases where they just leave a design and go? With games like Ef -a fairytale of the two-, I can’t help but lean towards the last option, though I guess the reasonable explanation is that every company is different.

P.S.: I’m 99% sure that Itou Noizi draws all the lines for her games, no one else draws fingers like hers. If only other artists had such telltale signs…


5 thoughts on “Impossible? Maybe?

  1. I think for Black Cyc they have several helpers and one lead. Don’t have a source for that.

    As for Noizi, although her hands aren’t perfect renditions there is a charm about them, it works amazingly but I digress. I know for Flyable Heart, Kururi, wasn’t drawn by Noizi, or at least not all CGs; the name I have is Sasakura Ayato for an artist but I don’t have confirmation.

  2. I would be inclined to believe that “maybe there are cases where they just leave a design and go.” There’s probably varying degrees, but the base artist will likely always get credited.

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