Yup, the Russians are going there…

Iichan eroge, a soon-to-be-released Russian eroge (site here), seems to be quite interesting…At least, I can say that the music is nice and the backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous. The character art is…well……Let’s just move on. Seems like there are plans to also release the thing in English, so if it does come out in this language I’ll definitely check it out (the backgrounds are enough of a reason to get the game, they’re Makoto Shinkai quality).

2 thoughts on “Yup, the Russians are going there…

  1. Yes, the backgrounds are incredible…
    They are the work of one arsenixc (I knew that I had seen them somewhere before…)
    In addition to doing great backgrounds he has some great Vocaloid fanart as well.

    I am currently doing some backgrounds for an unannounced VN project as well and it is quite something to live up to…

    • Thanks for the link! I totally understand, Sepia tears will be using photo backgrounds, but I’m afraid that people’ll see the drawings and go “Meh, Katawa Shoujo’s better”.
      Your backgrounds are really nice though (has that …I don’t know…cheer to it). I’ll definitely check out the VN~

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