Just caught up with Pandora hearts

Well, I SAY caught up, but I’m so behind that I had to re-read it from the beginning =_=

And you know what? I LOVE this series.

Oz with a scythe is awesome, Oz abusing Gil is cute, Sharon’s fluffy sparkly mode is funny, Oz scaring people to death is hilarious, Echo acting all cute in front of Oz is squeal worthy, the Cheshire is invoking my inner fluffy fan girl (but not as much as Reo, SOMETHING about him just clicks with me), Break was awesome when he was appearing and disappearing through weird things, which makes him less awesome right now, but he’s still interesting.

A tsundere Eliot is adorable, Lady Rainworth’s fan is kickass beyond words, Oz’s ability to become really creepy really quickly is quite addicting, but the will of the Abyss is creepy in the wrong way, it’s amusing to see how M Vincent is, because he’s so S most of the time, I have a sneaking suspicion that Ada is secretly the manipulative type, and Alice and Oz are adorable together.

The plot twists are shocking, the art is gorgeous (it’s nice to see so much blood again), it’s addictive as hell, and each chapter’s extra long (which, of course, is a good thing). It is also confusing as hell at times (mostly because the timeline is so complicated, someone NEEDS to create a proper timeline for Pandora hearts). And damn it, I want to read the next chapter already!


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