Just saw the UBW trailer *cough AK2’s new game!

It seems decent. Well, the music is definitely fantastic, but the animation…Let’s just let me say that I’ve seen eroges with better animation and leave it at that. Some things didn’t look like what I expected, but that’s probably just because I’ve only played the VN and never saw the anime.

On a barely related note, a site that doesn’t block me feels very refreshing. I was going to check on Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo (AKA AK2’s successor to my beloved Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo) until I realized that AK2 blocked me and was too annoyed to go through a proxy. Okay, okay, I admit it, nothing can stop me from taking a look at the successor to Sharin no Kuni. It seems to be interesting, and as an added plus Alpha’s not the major artist (still does the main girl, but that’s not important. As long as I don’t have to look at her stuff ALL the time I’m good). Instead, we get 憂姫はぐれ, who’s probably most famous for akatsuki no goei ~Pantsu o Miseru Koto, Sore ga…~ Daiuchuu no Hokori (トモセシュンサク and 憂姫はぐれ together on konboku mahjong and I got them mixed up, sorry).

You know, I really hate it when side characters look better than main characters. By the way, the main cast is SUPER cliched. Let’s see…His childhood friend living next door (of course, she wakes him up every morning); A loli  who is naturally funny ( of course, she talks to animals); A rich tsundere ( of course, she has her golden twin-tail hair); A nearsighted iinchou ( of course, if she put on her glasses…..), etc etc. The above character seems to be the Genki best friend type too. But of course, this is AK2, so it’ll probably rise above sterotypes. I say probably because the scenario writer has changed to 渋谷ハヤト from るーすぼーい (who churned out Sharin no Kuni and G-senjou).

…this postwas originally just about F/SN…orz


7 thoughts on “Just saw the UBW trailer *cough AK2’s new game!

  1. I’ve had a few too many recent cases of super cliched casts producing good stories, so I guess trust will be put into the AK2 company rep for this one.

    Alpha’s art has been growing on me though, mostly the chibis… sad.

    As far as UBW: FSN has developed a certain style of animation through the anime and the movie is carrying it through fine I think (I love the way they do lighting myself). On that note, I’m still amused at the Shirou-Lancer exchange and trying to remember when they said that during the visnov…

  2. I personally find side characters that look better than the main characters well “balanced”. By balanced I mean due to the lower frequency of their appearance, usually scenes they do appear in makes their role in the game more plausible. If not, they’re side characters anyway.

    Also due to being side characters, generally the actual growth rate is significantly lower, but you also eliminate the chances of poor characterization, as side characters most of the time use a stronger base, meaning they’re initially already capable of whatever they’re doing.

    It’s also nice when the side character is support to the protagonist to the degree that she/he helps him discover the plot issue or assists the protagonist throughout the story, etc.

    Side characters also seem to present a generally happy tone, or are at least pretty “real” (or “fake”/totally-offset-or-unrelated, depending on the character) with the protagonist (perhaps in daily chat or so on). Since they can come in the form of a guy, the possibilities are limitless.

    I won’t go into an analysis of traps, which is my particular favourite type of side character, but I find them most balanced because the character design is good, they’re funny, and they’re great on support, without ruining the plot (and in some cases boost it). But as you know, in the case of traps and other good side characters, they can be very good for comedic effect. Looks good, sounds funny, and doesn’t detract from plot too negatively? Seems fine by me.

    I’m not too sure why you hate it when the side characters look better than the main cast. Is it because it makes the main characters look less appealing? Is it because if the side character is constructed well, there isn’t enough content of the said side character?

    And even then, sometimes you have extended versions of certain games which expand on certain side characters. When explanations in these extended versions are done well, the side character has virtually no faults.

    I suppose for that same reason, you might as well implement all these strong points on the main characters, and not have a better looking side character who does not necessarily portray an impression of a total cliche (or rather a cliche is likely, it’s just that a side character has a lower frequency.).

    Well, despite cliche, if the story is constructed well and isn’t cliche, then the typical main characterization is outweighed entirely.

    • I just meant that they look prettier (the art itself), and then they won’t show up as much because they’re side characters so it urks me. I actually wanted to post a picture of one of the main girls, but none of them looked as good as Isuki, which is why I made the comment.

      Also, I completely agree with you on the traps.

      • Ah, so it’s more like “doh, she’s prettier and I won’t get to see her much at all.” Yeah, personally of the games I’ve played I get that often from preferred side characters (and thus I went into traps, obviously, since they clearly emphasize happy bishoujo-ness and comedy).

        I couldn’t comment on the main girls since you yourself mentioned ak2 blocked foreign ips. Character design is pretty critical in first impression since you can’t delve plot or character development until you play the game (though due to cliches you probably get the character type. Itsuki’s quote already gives away plenty.).

        Well, you mentioned the main cast is super cliched, and in a way side characters also can be super cliched (happy support type?). Personally I have found a side character cliche generally less annoying than a main if the cliche isn’t preferred (I’m sure this is due to frequency rate). I tend to forget cliches are cliches because they were/are formulas that work. It’s the writing/story/plot/flow that matters far more.

        On an irony, if the side character’s frequency rate does increase, it’s actually a negative (kind of like what makes good side characters good is their efficient allocation). … hm actually since it’s a visual novel then no, I would be inclined to think that anyone wouldn’t mind seeing a prettier character more often if there’s no complaint on the personality side or detracting from the plot/ambience.

        I could go forever about side characters, but don’t you think in a way they kind of need to be prettier to stand out? [On a random note this bodes true for traps, and it happened to work, even with the exaggerations/eccentricity of some.]
        I would find it easier to also notice the bright energetic possibly funny side character, otherwise the side character would totally get overshadowed by a main girl if the main girl is prettier, funnier, and such.

        … I got carried away. I need to remember you made the point in the first place since a visual novel generally emphasizes the main girls, who would appear in promotional material, the cover, additional art, and for most of the game. So it’s like gah won’t see this interesting looking character

        On the contrary it’s a visual contradiction to have the prettier character not appear often, not be on the cover almost 100% of the time, not be in promotional art, etc. Perhaps it’s a hidden gem concept? … probably not. One would think seeing the prettier girl more often is a want. [Again, I would think there’s a reason to not do that. If the main girl is too dominant via looks, it just overshadows the other characters entirely since there’s already route strength/allocation in the first place.]

        I just realized I spent a lot of time enjoying commenting on a post that was originally about F/SN (and saying nothing about it primarily due to never playing the game).

  3. uh… i fear i don’t have Choux’s eyes, i thought the animation quality for F/SN the movie was pretty high in my standards, and i thought i was rather harsh myself, now i feel like a little newbie in this blog.

    i want to hear Choux blog about why she think it was low quality.

    • I think it’s the lighting

      Yes, the animation does have high rates of frames per second, but try freezing the video and concentrate on any of the scene…..for a movie, I kind of wish there was more work done on the lighting and texture detail to the backgrounds. The backgrounds feel….kind of bland

      But that’s just my take

      • It might be the lighting…but…I don’t know…something about it feels off, and the animation doesn’t feel fluid (especially that part where Rin jumps off the roof, I cringed). The drawings on the whole doesn’t feel solid enough either, like there’s not much weight on the people. Anyway, this is probably because I just played this flash game with absolutely crap story but absolutely amazing animation (for the first 30 seconds or so). It’s 月明りのラズベリィ~つん★デれII ~ぷにゅぷりEXE if you’re curious.

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