Dear Drops: Kirakira+Eden of the east?

The moving paper looks fantastic, and this seems to be the spiritual successor to Kirakira. Speaking of which, I heard great things about Kirakira, but I haven’t palyed it yet (will get on it as soon as I finish Asuseka and Jingai Makyou, if nothing else pops up before that).


6 thoughts on “Dear Drops: Kirakira+Eden of the east?

  1. i’m just waiting for the 2nd Eden of the East movie: Paradise Lost.

    I bet it will be an awesome finish to the story, a grand finale.

  2. Yeah Kira Kira is pretty great, well worth to play.

    I fear Dear Drops won’t be as excellent though because Renya Setoguchi (Swan Song’s writer, who also wrote half of Kira Kira) won’t be around this time. Still, I’m really hoping they bring it over soon, as I’m highly interested to play it.

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