I’ve never watched K-on past the first episode (because the main character was a clumsy naive airhead honestly Oh-My-God I can’t believe this is so much like Fuuko kind of stupid). But this is making me want to watch it now. Sunrise should seriously consider re-making K-on. Just think: Giant robots+Music+moeblobs+sunrise’s train wreck-ness. That’s like Macross frontier with Zero doing the dancing. Or Mai-hime in space (more than it had) with extra singing (seriously, one karaoke episode is NEVER enough).


12 thoughts on “Whoa

  1. That was an amusing watch. In terms of K-on, I didn’t watch past the 4th episode around the time it initially aired and only until recently I got around to actually seeing the other episodes due to a friend having me see the rest. I’ll say now the series is actually not too bad (as in deemed watchable. I certainly wouldn’t say it’s annoying or stupid or something else that’s particularly negative, and I also wouldn’t say it’s a must watch.), but I will certainly agree the impression you got from the first episode was no different than mine.

    • Well, I think it’s more about the fact that it’s Chiaki Ishikawa than anything else (her voice DID contribute to some of the best songs for Gundam, after all).

  2. i’m ashamed to admit i watched the whole K-On series and enjoyed it and became a Mio fan…

    Though I’m sad they ended with just the budoken. they need a second season continuing the story following the original comic to when they graduate and all…

  3. there are good moeblob that are funny and just blame crap moeblob.

    Inugami is an example of bad moe blob. The only reason I watched it was cause there was nothing else to watch and the fact the main character was voiced by Yui Horie and she sang the opening… that was the only reason to bare the pain of watching literally moeblob crap.

    K-On had some good moments in there.

    • Inukami had a rather… ‘unique’ (cough) sense of humor. I can’t say I ever thought of it as Moeblob as opposed to pure comedy/parody: didn’t watch it cause the characters are cute, but cause their reactions are funny. The shinigami arc had me ROFLMAOing.

      I think it might be a mistake to simply shrug off any series that’s not story-driven, char-driven, or setting-driven as ‘moeblob’.

  4. lol, I’ll buy. Btw, K-ON! isn’t that hard to watch, keep going, but being non-expectant is best… though I’m only around episode 6. Not much to it, ‘watching’ is the only thing to do since the series doesn’t yield much else to reflect/ponder on. ^^

  5. ok, i only seen bits and clips of Inugami, so i can’t make a judgement on it. but i do intent to watch it once i get back to the States, just because Yui Horie voiced it. If it’s an anime she’s willing to voice, there’s got to be at least something behind it.

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