Jingai Makyou first impressions

This REALLY reminds me of Tsukihime. Let’s see…dead parents, younger sister that has the main character hasn’t seen for a long time, mysterious girl (though she kills him, not the other way around), mysterious abilities, dreaming of going out in the middle of the night and eating people, fighting weird monsters, rebellious best friend, female friend from school who is mysteriously tied in to the murders happening around the town…Really, all we need’s a killer maid and we’d be set.

All kidding aside, the story is really quite addicting. The main character, Kazuki, has “no heart” and has a hard time understanding emotions and telling the atmosphere. This leads to him being VERY insulting to other characters, but it’s interesting to read about. As you can see, the art is really nice and the music is absolutely haunting (think Saya no Uta, but more exotic). Haven’t finished any of the 3 stories yet, but so far, I’m enjoying it greatly (plus, it’s getting translated into English by Jast, how awesome is that?)

3 thoughts on “Jingai Makyou first impressions

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