Ookami Kakushi ep1 Impressions

…Okay, starting an anime with the girl panting after the guy is NEVER a good idea. I’m creeped out already, and not in the good way.

I can’t believe they expect us to see the above person as a guy. He’s not a proper trap, I’d be happy if he was a proper trap. But a guy that just looks like a girl because of design problems are something that I do NOT want. Also, he’s completely uke, which further annoys me. The way that he acts when the girl glomped him…it’s just…ugh.

While the mystery does interest me somewhat, the rest of the story annoys me, especially the creepy clingy bratty girl who calls the guy Hiro-kun. The animation isn’t exactly the best I’ve ever seen either (lots of speed lines).

The music is pretty good, especially the beautiful ending song, but I don’t think I’ll keep watching just for that.

Too bad, I was really looking forward to this series.


8 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi ep1 Impressions

  1. Who knows, maybe he has really tasty blood or something, like Himegami from Index. Clingyness is one thing, that amount of excessive clingyness? My guess is there’s a good reason for it.

    But yeah, I can’t see MC as a guy. Took way too many pics of him blushing deeper than most girls xD

    • Ah, thanks. WP has been buggy lately. I posted it a second time because I got a 404 after I published the first. There has also been some problems with lettering…

  2. ……I swear on my life if u didn’t say that the first image was a guy I would have bet eveything I had that It was a girl……I think if they shrunk the girls eyes alilttle she’d look more manly-ish… :p

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