First Impressions – Durarara

Eh I’ve heard of weirder places people lost their virginity. But I guess the pay is good in Ikebukuro.

I’m going to start off by saying I will definitely be sticking around for episode 2. I really liked the OP, its really got some style, with the way it introduces the characters and at second listen I was really digging the song.

“Uragiri no Yuuyake” by THEATRE BROOK.

The animation isn’t anything spectacular, I’d just go with decent. The backgrounds are pretty well done and its sort of interesting how they stay vibrant and our main characters stay colorful, but you’ll notice how other people are just colored in grey. It really puts your focus on Mikado and his buddy Masomi.

Mikado better stop hanging out in train stations, he might be next!

In between the action we are privvy to some internet chatting which fills us in about the legendary headless biker of Ikebukuro, a very intriguing character indeed.

I guess Mikado decided he wasn’t cut out for male prostitution after all.

Mikado the dark haired kid is our protagonist and gets met by his old friend Masomi at the train station. Masomi takes Mikado around Ikebukuro, meeting all kinds of interesting people along the way.

Though they are completely oblivious to certain activities going on around them, such as the kidnap of a young girl.

Let that be a lesson to you.  Make sure your pimp gets his cut, or he’ll crush your head with a motorbike!

The mysterious headless biker doesn’t seem to take too kindly to creeps who kidnap people and lets them know it!

I SAID don’t taze me bro!

I mean he REALLY doesn’t approve of kidnapping, or getting tazered!

He’s in a bad mood, the next ho better have the cash!

I really like the helmet design, I wonder if it would work for hubby’s goalie mask… maybe not the puck might get stuck on a horn.

I’m Batman!

I really like how the action is interspersed with the online internet chats. It makes you wonder, is all this actually really happening or is what we are seeing just their fantasy being visually represented.

Maybe its a mix of both, there really is a biker, he really is a badass, and he does rescue a girl, but maybe the whole headless part is just an exaggeration of the story. Or maybe we are seeing everything in real time and its all true.

What can I say, life on the streets is hard.  She’s dressed nicely though so I think she got herself out of the game.

Hmm headless biker and some freaked out girl with a scar on her neck… makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’m intrigued enough to continue. The OP titles tell me there are plenty of crazy looking characters we haven’t met yet and I’m looking forward to meeting them. Hopefully episode 2 doesn’t disappoint me, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t.

In other news congratulate me, my test today was painful but well worth it for the result. NO MORE SURGERY FOR SAKURA!


4 thoughts on “First Impressions – Durarara

  1. well, so far I’m most intrigued by the cool OP(even if it reminds me of Baccano’s OP) and will stick around for a least a few eps for sure.
    BTW, congratz on the test (they are always painful)

    • Well since its I think by the same director who did Baccano that doesn’t surprise me. I never did end up watching that I might have to finally check it out.

      Thanks and you’re right they are all painful.

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