Sora no Woto Ep1 first impressions

Okay, here are my impressions, in chronological order: (I wanted to watch Durarara first, but my computer’s too crappy to play it, damn all the HD broadcasts! Why weren’t you there for Clannad?)


Great production values (very crisp and fluid, especially with the little things, like when Kanata did a spin).

The backgrounds are pretty…..

I like the girl’s personality (kinda reminds me of Akari).

I like how there was a french song in there. It was so pretty, and the atmosphere was so nice (sometimes, like this, I regret how I stopped taking french lessons). Also, I usually don’t like brass instruments much, but that trumpet song was really nice.The only part of the music that I’m not absolutely in love was the ending song, but it was animated really nicely so it’s okay.

The story has a nice pace and atmosphere, plus there are great production values. I’ll definitely keep watching this (though SOMETHING about it really reminds me of strike witches…)


4 thoughts on “Sora no Woto Ep1 first impressions

  1. Kanata’s trumpet song wasn’t very nice…though Rio’s was fine. 😀

    Probably a combination of the war setting and some of the character traits reminds you of Strike Witches, since I can see it too.

  2. Hmm if you think its worth checking out then maybe I will give it a look see.

    It was on my list of maybe’s it just didn’t look all that interesting so I wasn’t sure.

  3. Yes Michiru Oshima music is awesome :3
    And I can’t find a trace of K-On in this show…a lot of people screamed that (why? because of the character designs? and because they play instruments? haha)

    No idea where the story will be going, but so far it’s got something.

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