First impressions: BLlicious

Okay, I came into Baka test to Shokanju expecting absolutely nothing.

But it was REALLY fun to watch! The idea sounds like the stupidest thing ever, but the execution was really well done.

Of course, after watching that ending video everything else was just wiped from my mind. This has got to be one of the greatest endings EVER. I mean, just LOOK at that trap! I love traps, I’ve always loved traps, so of course this is good. But what’s more, this one is…just…

Any series with a magical transformation sequence for a trap is made of win.

Also, absolutely BLlicious.


8 thoughts on “First impressions: BLlicious

  1. Ahaha that transformation… I went from wtfbbq to roflmao to awesome too.

    Although, thanks to Shin, I’m not sure if I can ever view Kinoshita in the normal way again.

  2. Yeah, an amusing watch. The Kinoshita trap was amusing, though to be honest I have not seen a trap character that had an older twin sister. I have also not seen a disappointing trap … wait scratch that but even then, not really. The commentary made by the protagonist when he encountered the older twin sister was amusing since it was more word play regarding Kinoshita.

    I don’t remember any magical trap transformations. The only one remotely close was Watarase Jun, but that wasn’t really in a full transformation fashion because it was just a costume change without any indication of the changing process.

    I’m not sure what to expect because I still have no real idea what the plot is, if there is any.

    I’ll watch the next episode for sure.

  3. Huge improvement over last season’s Seitokai no Ichizon in the parody slot, but it ultimately left me cold. Probably cause I watched it naked.

    HAHAHA GET IT………… yeah I should hang myself.

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