Heartbreaking Illusions – Naruto 478

So we had a full two weeks, to ponder and to hope, but alas Itachi was but an illusion. Danzou mocks Sasuke for his pathetic ability, considering how strong his brother was and wonders why Itachi left such a craptastic ninja alive.

Just when it looks like Sasuke is about to bite it, the Uchiha invokes another level of Susanoo. Madara, sounding much like Emperor Palpatine as he told Luke to find his anger and feel the power of the darkside, cackles with glee at the waves of hate emanating from Sasuke.

We finally find out the secret behind Danzou’s trick. He can use Earth jutsu like Yamato. Seems he implanted himself not only with the Sharingan but also cells from Shodai.

The two together will give him power over the Kyuubi and Madara figures that Danzou is after Naruto too. Madara seems to have figured out what is going on with Danzou, he is apparently using a doujutsu banned even by the Uchiha, Izanagi.

Interestingly enough in Japanese mythology Susanoo was spawned from Izanagi.

Karin haters will be happy to know she takes a bit of battle damage. Though personally I have to say I like her in this chapter. She’s a far cry from her usual annoying self, she’s helpful to Sasuke and actually shows herself to have a brain as she analyzes the situation at hand.

Though I swear if Kishimoto ever dares to have her beat Sakura in a fight I will fly to Japan and shove that issue down his throat!

Anyway the fight drags on yet again… maybe next week we’ll get to see what the others are up to. I wonder if Kakashi has caught up to Sakura yet?

9 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Illusions – Naruto 478

  1. >>Though I swear if Kishimoto ever dares to have her beat Sakura in a fight I will fly to Japan and shove that issue down his throat!


    this chapter seemed really short. seemed like i read it in less than 120 seconds ;_;

    • XD You know I had to say it. I agree it went by really quickly, which hopefully doesn’t mean he is going to drag this out forever.

      He’s never got anywhere near as bad as Bleach where that is concerned, but he really does like to focus on Sasuke A LOT!

  2. don’t tell me you actually want Itachi to still be alive…

    that completely would defeat the purpose. actually, the manga Naruto pretty much ended for me, i just read it because heck, i’ve already stuck to it that far.

    honestly, what’s with Naruto? the story… urgh. i feel like Kishimoto really have a problem telling a story, especially when it comes to emotions. he really fails at deliverying powerful emotions that really deserves to be a tear jerker (though i don’t cry at all). he needs to take story writing lessons from Echiiro Oda. I mean he spent SOOOOO much time with characters crying and “forced tear jerkers” that just isn’t emotional at all. in fact, it only makes it annoying and make the characters feels less ninja in every possible way while turning into whiners.

    the idea of making ninja into a manga is great. the idea of making an entire cast of crying ninja is a just about the worst idea ever spawned, unless it’s a gag manga. (i see Naruto as a gag manga sometimes, because of how poorly the plot is told, it’s practically like Bleach but with a story…)

    • Well of course the fangirl in me wanted him to truly be alive XD

      But the more rational part of me knows that he has to be dead for the sake of the story.

      Kishimoto ebbs and flows for me. Sometimes the story isn’t half bad and other times it really does seem like he’s pulling it out of his ass.

      I always think he is losing the plot when the bad guys get ridiculously strong.

      I mean look at Pain and how unrealistically powerful he was. Strong enough to destroy a whole village on his own!

      So basically his power level looked to be that of a Jinchuuriki, which is completely bloody ridiculous. I guess maybe he thinks it just makes the hero look cool to defeat someone so powerful against the odds.

      It was kinda of neat back in his genin days when it was someone like Neji, but with Pain its on a whole other scale and pretty much just leaves you feeling WTF? There is no way Naruto should have won that fight.

      Need I even mention the ridiculously strong Kisame? So Killerbee was pretty much only able to beat him because Samehada turned its back on Kisame.

      Seriously having one singular ninja that is practically stronger than any ninja in a village? If that is the case why doesn’t Madara rule the world already?

      He could have taken over the major villages long ago with his Akatsuki members ruling as Kage if they are this damn strong.

      Yeah some things just make no sense. But at least none of his fights have lasted like what 3 years now Kubo? (yawn).

  3. Well this is kinda about Madara ruling the world already, well he revealed the plot behind the moon eye’s plan and how he wants to put the whole world under genjustu but he couldn’t do it without all the jinchurikis/bijuus. Considering that it took 3 years to prepare to for the sealings and the time it takes to find and seal each one I think it about levels out with the timeline. I also really want tpo know what happens to Naruto after the hyperventilation attack.

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