Killer pingpong match

Really, the guy should have stuck to comedy. The pingpong match, the fight over the sardine, and the attack at the gate was absolutely hilarious, and I have to say more enjoyable than the serious plot.

“…Damn it, why the hell do I have to have a fated meeting with YOU so early in the morning! Am I supposed to fall in to a river of love? Love at first sight? Okay, yeah, I fit the image of the bad boy delinquent. So what? What’s going to happen next? Are we going to pick up a kitten in the rain? And what the hell are you supposed to be anyway? The cool but air-headed iinchou? If you’re going to be an iinchou, then be like an iinchou and wear glasses! …Are you an android? Where’s the antenna? The antenna! YOU BASTARD! Give back my pure and manly emotions! ”

You gotta love a guy who pokes fun at the medium.


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