New translations decided, and they’re all mediocre

Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na (by Dawning blue translations).

Cosplay Alien and Koihime Musou (by mangagamer).

Yoakemae was half way decent, I guess. I don’t even need to say anything about cosplay alien (the stupid names always give those things away), and I don’t care about Koihime musou either.

Yeah, finals are next week and the computer just ate my extremely long Jingai Makyou review. Not in a good mood and this stuff isn’t cheering me up.


9 thoughts on “New translations decided, and they’re all mediocre

  1. I don’t know if you’ve been following this, but Katawa Shoujo’s been in the works for awhile, and after playing the demo, I can safely say it’s looking to be epic.

    Otherwise, I very rarely get excited about new vn’s. I think the last one I actually looked forward to was Sekien no Inganock, which was just amazing. Before that, Ever17.

    The good shit almost never gets translated :/

    • Yup, I’m looking forward to Katawa Shoujo too.
      And really, I agree with you. Why bother with Yoake when you can go and translate Parfait chocolate second brew or Kanisino?

  2. Based on what I read from your link about Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na, LimePie seemed to have stated on a later posts that there was intent to translate Brighter than Dawning Blue for PC, which is basically the PS2 version on PC. Therefore it not only has no ero, but it had additions, particularly Estella Freesia, who has a better character design. Though, not much of the base game changes by much I gather anyhow.

    Hm I guess the game has the simple weakness of plots that are not overtly complicated, and therefore are not only rather straightforward, but like your own review stated, has a lot of fluff (or rather 90% of it bored you.)

    It has Tohyama Midori though. Yay for wanting to play games to see dialogue context of the most side character of them all. I’ve tried looking for reviews of yoake, and Tohyama is mentioned in like, maybe one line! I guess all/many side characters, even if the character construction is well balanced, are still not only entirely bypassable, but also conclusive in a one line description because of a lack of a route.

    But yeah if I recall correctly (or incorrectly), Midori actually had a route in Brighter than Dawning Blue. I mean, that should be the best part ever! I am so looking forward to that!

    *Needs to stop favouriting characters that seem to contain among the least relevance in presence. Yay for side characters.*

    • The character designs aren’t much of an incentive for me at this point. I’ve never liked Bekkankou, especially not the clothes that s/he draws. Though if the translation does come out I’ll get it and see the stories of the new characters.

      • Well, by now, this game was originally 2005 wasn’t it. Even the PS2 game was late 2006. It does seem kind of old [particularly now being 2010]. I actually did not know the name of the artist, though as you know, some August games have Bekkankou as the artist, so because of the brand, it’s really easy to recognize. Although I can see how the character designs aren’t much of an incentive for you now, it was definitely easy to recognize.

        I actually did not notice the clothes things much, but good point. The face stands out the most so either I didn’t notice or simply did not pay much attention.

        For some reason I’m fine with mediocre generally happy with slice of life games. It’s at least simple and straightforward so it’s easy to follow.

  3. August-Soft had never been about good-storywriting anyhow. It’s all just art style and moe-moe character designs for them. [shrug] Combining with good BGMs it’s almost like… K-on for visnovs.

    Koihime IIRC is mostly about the alterations of its character designs vs. the ROTK original, as well as the TRPG. I know you have no interest in the latter based on Uta, I wonder about the former (xD). There is the claim that all Chinese people are at least partially interested by ROTK after all.

    • You know what? I think it’s true. I remember when it first came out I went and looked it up just because it was another ROTK adaption.
      Still not playing it though.

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