AF: Einlee

It’s been too long since my last Artist Feature, so here I am again, with an English speaking artist this time (gasp*) Einlee is one of the artists that I fell in love with while drowsing deviantart, she has this absolutely haunting quality to her colors and a great sense of fashion (which is why I LOVE her stuff). She has both a deviantart page and a website. I’ll let her drawings do the rest of the talking.

She can do dark and gothic.

She can draw clothes.

She can draw hot guys.

She can draw cute girls.

She can do fanart.

She can do original.

She can do glasses.

She can do backgrounds.

AND she can do cake. Seriously, can an artist get any better? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake done this well (I see cakes and stuff mostly from artists like Tinkle and Sayori, and both of them spend a lot of time on the characters and don’t work with the cake beyond giving them enough definition for people to tell they’re cakes; though obviously Sayori does put in more effort than tinkle).  So, WORSHIP the artist and THE CAKE! Seriously, she’s a great artist, go and fave her drawings on deviantart or something.


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