Ah, crap, I should be studying for my finals right now…oh well.

I just finished Yuuhi’s route in Asuseka, and I’d have to say that it was nice. She really got on my nerves at first (clingy+squeaky=>﹏<), but once the story revealed how considerate she was and just how much she cared about Subaru she got my sympathy (this wasn’t unlike what I felt about Harumi). Just like M3rry, I felt that a lot of the events were unnecessary while I was playing, but by the time the credits (with an euphonis ending song) rolled around, everything felt…right. Ah, it’s nice to feel that 健速 magic again (seriously, EVERYTHING that guy writes is amazing).

Read on if you want a story summary (spoiler warning, obviously). Yuuhi and Subaru are childhood friends, but their relationship grew closer  after Yuuhi’s mother had died. Yuuhi loved her mother deeply and was always clinging to her side, so when she lost that support she turned to her sister, and then Subaru when her sister went to college. 8 years later, the 2 were practically inseparable, and Yuuhi relied on Subaru for everything. This meant that there were very few things she could do by herself, such as drying her hair, cleaning her room, do her homework, or remember the lyrics to amazing grace.

When everyone heard that the planet was going to be destroyed by a meteor, Yuuhi was a little shocked, but became perfectly fine with dying, as long as she could be with Subaru when they died. In fact, after a person close to them committed suicide after murdering his family, Yuuhi simply told Subaru that he has to make sure to kill her if he ever decided to commit suicide (at that point I was seriously creeped out. Sympathetic, yes, but creeped out).

However, as everyone was being shocked by their unavoidable death, there came a piece of news: there were shelters built for protection, and 50,000 people were going to be chosen by random to live. The cities were unstable enough as it was, but this just made the violence escalate. Thankfully, our story is set on a small and secluded island, and the people weren’t as affected. Even, so, a touch of the world’s madness were creeping in, and Subaru almost rapes Yuuhi. Fortunately, seeing her frank acceptance of his actions made him stop (though, once again, Yuuhi was REALLY creepy in that scene).

Just as Subaru was settling into normal life again, he finds out that he’s one of the lucky 50,000 chosen to go to the shelter. Yuuhi is crushed by this news, and begins to neurotically cling to Subaru. She begs him not to leave her, but he decides that she needs to be able to grow up without a crutch and decides to leave. However, as Yuuhi begins to have nightmares and mentally break down, he decides to stay after all, because he doesn’t have the guts to see her suffer like that until she dies.

THEN, Yuuhi realized that staying meant that Subaru was going to die, and asks him to leave her. Except this time, HE’s the one that’s refusing to budge (I think I forgot to mention that Subaru’s completely in love with her). Yuuhi then pushes him away and starts to successfully do all the things that she couldn’t do before without Subaru’s help (note: she tried to do it when Subaru told her to be independent, but couldn’t succeed). This made Subaru feel useless and pathetic.

Finally, Subaru realizes that he’s not staying because he wants to take care of Yuuhi, but that he truely loves her. The two of them reconcile, and live happily ever after (until the world ends, anyway).

This is a pretty straightforward summary, so I left out a lot of stuff like how other characters were feeling and Subaru’s angst. Also,  I’m basing it on the Chinese translation, so some things might be wrong (if you spot any mistakes, please tell me).


2 thoughts on “Aww…

  1. Lol clingy + squeaky. Her voice wasn’t as squeaky compared with many others I had to hear. But when that ending song came on I was like, “Wooowww…” Yuuhi deserves respect yo.

    Her “creepy” nature does make sense. Though I guess that wouldn’t stop it from being creepy. 😛

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