Stark contrast

It’s really not a good idea to play something like 3days right after Asuseka (the difference in art quality is just TOO MUCH…)


3 thoughts on “Stark contrast

  1. Is it just me, or does this art look like some super old version of Ueda Ryo’s style. Speaking of which, Ueda Ryo’s newer stuff, like his 2009-2010 calenders, are much much better than his somewhat more loli style in Asuseka; makes me wish he would go back and redraw orz.

  2. It does? Hmm…I think I’m reminded more of Fumio, especially pictures like this.
    While I do think that Asuseka should have been less loli-ish, I don’t think I like his new style as much as you do. A lot of the clothing looks too shiny and characters are too…long, like in this or this. Personally, I think that this style is the best.

    Have you seen Etude’s site yet? I think you’ll like the art style of their newest game .

  3. I can agree with the longness, but sometimes it’s just right, much like the new background girl for etude’s site, which I do indeed like <: . Perhaps that's the best in between.

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