Newfound appreciation for Eefy

Sometimes, I will dislike an artist and grow to love them. Eefy is a good example of that. I had thought that her drawings had colors that were too busy and characters that were too loli (such as this one). However seeing her more recent works has made me a fan.

I think it’s quite interesting to compare the first image with this older illustration of Reimu… You can see Eefy’s Pixiv page here and her site here.


9 thoughts on “Newfound appreciation for Eefy

  1. Hmm, I want to like Eefy’s art but the characters’ designs just don’t appeal. There was only one picture I saved which was the BRS+chains one.

    The backgrounds and shading and flow of clothing are always awesome but the hands and face still could use some work for my standards haha. Maybe it’s as you said, too loli. Although it seems to be getting better judging by the newer blue Reimu.

  2. Yeah lolis in predominance, but quite cute. Fell in love with some of the pics instantly.

    The color palette sure shifts a lot. Sometimes its soft and maybe not enough contrast, othertimes the screen is so crowded I don’t know where to put my attention on…

    The backgrounds are really good though :drool:

  3. Choux, I have some questions. i tried to draw on tablet, but it turned out crappy. i can’t seem to sketch stuff at all, can you post a few of your sketches out and this time do a blog on how those sketches are done?

    like each one sketches differently, i want to see like a blog of which part of the body you start first, how you go about it, the amount of strokes you leave in one area, when you move on to the next…etc.

    basically a blog about an artist named Choux, if that’s okay.

    • Well, when it comes to a tablet, you need a lot of practice before you can be good (even more if you got a cheap tablet, like me). I CAN’T sketch on the computer, only use it for lineart and coloring.
      I usually go a general doodle of the shape and then work on the details from the eyes, and about strokes and stuff like that, I just stop when I think it looks right (there’s no set standard for anything).
      I don’t think I’m ready for an artist blog yet, maybe later. But I’ll do a full tutorial later for a Sepia tears CG.

    • @thenewhorde

      If another aspiring artist’s advice is good enough, I can try and give you some regarding the tablet, and I can send you some lineart if you want. These days I almost exclusively draw on the tablet because I hate sharpening and erasing haha.

      One of the most vital things is making sure your brush is sharp and without feathering, this is something you have to set if you’re using something like Adobe PS2+. Personally I like to draw with a brush because it has a less hard texture when compared with pen tool. So depending on the tool you’re drawing with, the number of strokes will differ.

      I usually start by drawing detailed eyes and from there I will sketch out the pose with really rough and general lines aiming for the general shape. You can then erase the really wild lines that fall way out of the desired shape, but it doesn’t have to be perfectly clean. From there you can set that layer’s opacity to 15%~ and then redraw with cleaner line work.

      • “but it doesn’t have to be perfectly clean”

        Oh yeah. If you saw one of my drawings up close you’ll probably be shocked at how messy the lines are… But I’ve been curious about your drawings for a while now, any chance I can see some?

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