A walkthrough of Choux: the beginning

Well, since thenewhorde asked for it, here’s a walk through of how I draw. Ish. Well, this is a kind of experiment, maybe? I haven’t actually finished it either, so just consider it part one, okay?

Like most people, I start out with a doodle. In this case, it’s a doodle that was supposed to be for Sepia tears but got turned into something completely different…*Cough. Anyway, I don’t do it this time, but when you draw, please make sure that the anatomy looks decent. I only did a rough doodle for the body and it ended up looking ODD…

The thing with me is that I never scan a drawing in half way, so sometimes when I scan a drawing in at the end, expecting something good, I realize that they look very different on screen. This was also the case here, as I looked at my sketch and corrected a few things. Also, I always draw the eyes first, then the face, hair, and everything else.

So, yeah. Just go carefully over your lines with a pencil. Never try to get one perfect line, even lines that are pretty think are fine (everything looks different on a screen anyway).

So, this is what it ended up looking like. After the previous image I adjusted the levels and erased some of the lines by hand. I thought that her face looked odd, so I ctrl+t-ed it (still looking kind of odd though, I’ll see how it goes after it’s colored). I also moved her a bit to the right because it looked better.

Okay, most you should know that I love Kantoku. After religiously searching for his drawings, I have learned that he draws the lighting for his pictures BEFORE he colors them. And, being the worshiper that I am, I decided to try it out (hey, I said that this is an experiment). This is kind of the feeling I’m going for, you know, waiting under a tree with the sunlight shining through and all that (never really drew that either, so that I’ll be an experiment too). I really think that it’s a good thin to do, because it forces you to really think about the setting and things like that.

This has been a very interesting post for me (especially since I finishes a picture once every never), and I’m hoping that it’s going to force me to finish a drawing (for once?). The next problem is that I don’t know whether I should fine line it or not, but I’ll leave that for the next day (I just finished my last final today, so I have a bit of a break).


30 thoughts on “A walkthrough of Choux: the beginning

  1. Choux actually did it for me. *lots of tears, totally touched*

    I’M GONNA DRAW TONIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN… uh… wow… literally like almost never as well.

    Though really, this is helpful, studying your lines and how you developed it. I can’t seem to think of poses myself personally, I think that’s the biggest starting point issue I have.

    Thanks a lot for this, I would love to see the continuation of this, but this post is exactly what I was looking for.

  2. @Choux

    This is response to your reply on the Eefy, post. First I really like that ‘under the tree’ shading, I think you captured that effect damn well with greyscale. I have never really liked lineart without any of the draft sketch lines or shading because it always seemed too empty, but the leaves shading solves that nicely.

    And in response to your request: http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m314/Chibi-Sweet/VALKYRIEv2.jpg This one I drew just last weekend, coloured too, but there is just the finished lineart and in low opacity is my sketch for her, I think it adds more detail to the otherwise bland lineart sans colour.

    I didn’t know you knew I drew haha. I don’t have an account like deviantart where I put my crap cause I don’t deem them good enough to show, so no albums haha. We should keep in touch and bash drawings, constructively of course. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Waa…it’s pretty….
      I could tell that you drew from your comments (you mentioned things like a friend that keeps a copy of your lineart and stuff like that).
      Your head’s a bit big, but the shape of the legs is very nice (especially the ankles, I can’t draw ankles). It’s an original character, right? Mind if I do a fanart? I have a hard time with fantasy so it might turn out weird though.

      • orz, my friend said she had a big head too; that’s already been shrunk once haha. For ankles, I recommend high heeled feet, at least it’s been easier for me to draw tip toe’d shaped feet. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Go ahead and use her idea as you like. It’s an honour to have someone want to do fanart of something I drew.

      • Well, there’s a problem you see.. this is the first and only picture I drew of her, I didn’t even think of how the front should look, well nothing concrete. orz

        I do recommend you just build on what you can see and imagine it for me. ๐Ÿ˜›

        However, as for my visualization, the sleeve hand would probably either be a full sleeve or cut open at the front or on the side facing her body. Her boots/sock top things go all around, while the spiky things on the boot bottom is either completely covering the front or the spiky things are only on the sides. I don’t know how her bodysuit will look in the front at all, I guess I was thinking just plain and full. Finally that waist belt thing I was thinking either it would end somewhere under the boots and not make a full circle, or it would make a complete circle and the buckle would still remain in the back.

        This is of course, up to you to follow or not, I really don’t mind either way; whichever you feel flows better. And maybe the coloured version might serve a better reference, I can find somewhere to host it or send it over somehow?

        P.S. Is that your own original character she’s posing with? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Oh oops forgot to add in that, I can also draw something with her facing front (maybe, I don’t know if I’m skilled enough orz). This is going to take a while though as I’m just about to enter midterm territory lasting until Feb 11th, so while I can try and produce something more, I’ll need free time and also inspiration.

        So I still stand by “go with how you feel it should look.”

  3. Hm yes, Kantoku does have nice drawings. Interesting to know your step by step format on drawing. I hadn’t drawn a fan art in like, 9 years, literally. Thanks for the example.

      • Give me like, hours to draw it. You can help me critique and improve. I learned from my last mistake not to submit the original drawing if I never scanned or copy it. [Last time in 2001 was a fanart submission.]

    • Backlog in simple terms means “ah more things to play/try but the list keeps getting longer because I haven’t had the time to go through them all.”

      This backlog term here is more obvious for visual novels because of the extensive amount of time needed to read through all the routes (estimated 30+ hours without skipping). This isn’t like manga because there’s significantly more emphasis on the literary/reading/text aspect (and also alternative routes).

      Backlog applies to anything, really. You need/want to do it, but there’s so much to want to do that there’s not enough time for it, so the backlog gets bigger.

      • That’s exactly right. I have over 15 anime series, 9 eroges (plus Chaos;Head), around 20 light novel series, and somewhere between 100 and 200 manga series to read.

  4. Yo Choux, like i said I was gonna draw following your guide.

    I didn’t draw again yesterday, but tonight I managed to sit down and draw something out.

    I followed your sketch pattern and did the shading like you did, but it was nothing like the quality work you do. It is kinda crappy…

    Anyway, this is HEAVILY influenced by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s Nia and Fate/Stay Night’s Saber.

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