Into The Abyss – Naruto Chapter 480

You may have noticed a lack of Naruto posts the last couple of weeks. That is mainly because there isn’t anything really worth posting about. Its just been more of the fight between Danzo and Sasuke. But this week it looks like things have finally come to a head and the outcome doesn’t look good for Danzo…

The climax of the battle ends painfully for Karin too, since Danzo is using her as a shield and Sasuke goes through her to pierce Danzo’s heart.

I wouldn’t rejoice just yet Karin haters. Sasuke did tell Karin to hold still, so I’m thinking while hurt she probably didn’t get hit in a vital spot like Danzo.

Seriously Madara just seems more and more like Emperor Palpatine as he sits back and gloats while Sasuke uses his team mate as a pincushion in order to achieve his goal.

One wonders if he really is a cause worth saving at this point. He may have fallen too far into the abyss to be redeemable.


20 thoughts on “Into The Abyss – Naruto Chapter 480

  1. Crazy Sasuke means crazy Sasu-Danzo-necrophilia.


    And of course, some OTHER things are rising up as well!

    … Like the temperature. Pretty sure lightning is some hot stuff. But guess what ELSE is hot stuff?

    What’s hot is Sasuke’s ASS…umption that he’s taken one down on his list. But speaking of down, I’d love to get DOWN on Sasuke and show him how to REALLY dance.

    Dance to the hit Internet meme GET DOWN, based on the song Promise by Kohmi Hirose.

    Oh God this is so fucking fun. 8D

  2. If it’ll help you people feel even more uncomfortable, I could write some incredibly uncomfortable and cringe-worthy yaoi fan fic featuring Itachi x Danzo x Sasuke, using words such as pert, nubile, throbbing, thrust, Martha Stewart and so on.

    It’s ordered that way so that Danzo can be in the middle.

    Awwwwww yeah.


    • Might be cause I’m a dude.

      And that’s exactly the problem right there. Fangirls into yaoi think they know yaoi. They don’t know jack shit. All they know is how to pair up characters that shouldn’t be paired up due to their fucking messed up sense of what love is. They just think that if two male characters hate each other, they secretly love each other. That’s fucking it. That’s the entire fucking basis of a yaoi pairing for the typical fangirl.

      Danzo x Sasuke is pure beauty. Sasuke hates Danzo, but Danzo couldn’t really give a shit about Sasuke. In essence, Sasuke craves for Danzo’s attention, but Danzo’s not giving it to him. Slowly, Sasuke’s hatred becomes an obsession with Danzo, until he realizes that he can’t live without Danzo. Sure, he’ll put up a front about avenging the enemies of Uchiha and all that, but what Sasu really wants is Danzo’s full, long and hard attention inside him.

      As for Danzo… well, that’s a whole different story, and I’m too tired to delve into it right now.

      The two of them need to get it on already. And fangirls need to stop shipping. FOREVER.

    • I’ve started so I’ll finish, unless Kishi does something like have Karin beat Sakura in a fight.

      Then I might burn all copies and force feed him the ashes.

      • Bitch please. Karin would totally win.

        ((Insert emoticon here. Kinda shrugging, with rolled eyes. Maybe a tongue sticking out. Or a trollface. Yeah, a trollface.))

  3. I was so happy when I saw Karin get hit like that…..but then I was like,,yo that’s dark sasuke, dark., u cold hearted- no no heart-lacking monster of a guy I hate u lol….but I don’t really see much in the story anymore besides naruto getting beat to a pulp and risking his life to save a guy who’s going on and sticking chidoris in his teamates…Naruto has to learn to let go of sasuke to ME sasuke is even more twisted then orochimaru-and that’s twisted lol….o well we all know naruto will never give up.

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