Tayutama makes me bored

I was bored after the first episode of the anime, but I thought that was just because the adaption was crappy. HOWEVER, I’ve just played a bit of the game and I’m STILL bored. Sure, the art’s nice, but it’s not the best ever, sure, the system’s nice with lots of effects (really reminds me of Toheart 2 another days), but that doesn’t matter much, does it? The music’s annoying, I care about none of the characters and I’m BORED.

*Going back to F/HA.


8 thoughts on “Tayutama makes me bored

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve played, but I do recall that the opening to the game was rather long. A few hours in, it then proceeds into 3 major “chapters” (order depending on the chosen heroine), and then into the epilogue. So that is to say the pace does pick up somewhat once you get further into it… but if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

  2. Maybe you just can’t get attached to any of the cast in particular? Personally Mashiro was all I needed to keep me clicking/reading.

  3. “Wahaha~, you’re so competent~!” [If I read that correctly. It really should be like, amazing/powerful/able/strong/etc so I’m not sure why I used competent.]

    I did remember something along the lines of the first 3 or so hours being elongated descriptive material.

    I can only recall Ameri’s route since that’s all I bothered with. Nue is amusing though.

    • I was bored by gift too, but I don’t think that the art quality would justify playing it. It came out years ago, I can easily get the CG pack from the internet, and there are other games available with better art AND better story (you have an ipod touch, right? I don’t have one but I’m sure there are more interesting apps that are cheaper to boot).
      I’ve never watched the Gift anime (I try very, VERY hard to stay away from VN adaptions that aren’t from KEY or Shaft).

      • agreed, most Bishoujo game anime’s are horrible. I really enjoyed 11eyes because it was diffrent. I really want to see an anime adaption from a Black Cyc game.

    • I’ve played about two or three hours of the English translation of Gift on my iPod Touch, and honestly, it’s really quite awful. I have nothing against slice of life, but there’s a limit. While I agree that the art is pretty nice, the translation is absolutely horrible. My AGTH/Atlas combination is actually BETTER than this professional translation.

      • Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s machine translated. There have been other machine translations in Chinese (for Hanihani and Prima Stella, neither of which is worth playing as far as I can tell), and apparently if you’re a decent hacker it takes a very short amount of time to churn out a translation.

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