He might be a prick when he grows up but young Gilgamesh is just too cute…


10 thoughts on “Ah-dorable~


    You need to add a spoiler tag to things like this, damn it! I’m still downloading F/S N (32% done)

    btw, i’m 80% done downloading, and so far when i mount the disks, i get these ? and blank, and i realized this comp can’t read japanese. what should i do?

    urghhhhh… this is almost painful to play…

    i mean i know VN have lots of text… but really now?? REALLY?

    • Oh. He shows up pretty early in F/SN and this is F/HA so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem.

      From the looks of things you’ve started playing? If you still have trouble just mount the discs and start the English patch, it fixes localization problems.

  2. ah… 3 hours of my life was drained away… i like how it tells the story from Tohsaka’s view though.

    overall, it’s surprisingly pleasent and surprisingly a lot slower. my first VN game so far. gotta go to class soon though. i am aware there are a few H-scenes here and there, is there a special button that can quickly swap screen in case of emergencies that my roommate would enter?

    • There’s a partial patch out in English, but it’s really, really beta right now. I’m playing the Chinese version (years ago, when it first came out, I swore I’d never play it until it’s completed, now I want the story too much to care, though the menus and many lines are still untranslated).

  3. does fate/stay night have voice acting? or is it 100% text. Clannad had voice in it.

    i played a VN for a few minutes before if that counts.

    and just curious, why did you expected more?

    • F/SN doesn’t have voice acting, but its PS2 port, realta nua, does. The english patch contains the option to let you install the PC game with PS2 voices, but it requires the realta nua disk (and for obvious reasons certain scenes aren’t voiced).

      The original Clannad didn’t have voices either. If the one you played had voices you either installed the voice patch or had the Full voice release (which was years after the original).

      And I don’t know why I had that impression of you (you mentioned before that you’ve never played and everything).

  4. then it must be because we’ve gotten along well enough that you think of me as a part of yourself then, and that includes your VN love. (to myself: keep dreaming TNH…)

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